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Old Guys Rule Part 6

Post #1

Old Guys Rule Part 6After the previous nights this night was restful and pleasant. I sleptuntil nine and didn't get over to Ari's until ten. Everyone was gone, Iguessed bird watching since the car was still there. I sat on the deck andwatched the sea and fell asleep again on the chair.The roar of a helicopter engine woke me. It was flying really low. A fewminutes later another flew by and I went to my house and got mybinoculars. They were hovering around a speck on the horizon. With thebinoculars I could see that the speck was an oil tanker. A Coast GuardCutter arrived, racing across the sea toward the tanker.There was some smoke coming from the tanker's funnel. It was difficult tosee want was going on, but there was a lot of activity around the ship. Ilooked at the tanker more closely and realized that the plume of smoke wasgetting thicker.Ari ran up. "Oil spill! A big one!" he screamed. That was when I heard whatsounded like distant thunder. A huge plume of black, billowing smoke rosefrom the vessel. Ari ran inside to the phone and called some of his birdwatching friends. The channel 7 Eye in the Sky copter passed over head. Giland Billy joined me. I went to my house and got out my high-poweredtelescope. Returning with it, we set it up and the extent of the problembecame more obvious."The tanker had a small fire." Gil said. "The crew tried to put it outthemselves and it got out of control. At least that's what the radio said.""Well unless I mistook what I just saw, I think the ship just exploded." Isaid. In the distance the plum of smoke continued to climb, widen andthicken. Through the telescope you could now see flames. The FireDepartment arrived as did the rescue squad. Mike, our playmate of the nightbefore was driving the truck. He figured that our houses were as close asthey could get to the disaster and within fifteen minutes we were theheadquarters for the rescue operation.The tide was going out so copters could drop on the beach the crew membersthey rescued. The paramedics gave first aid and then transferred thevictims to hospitals. Every rescure squad in the area was there. The mayorarrived with the police chief. The mayor was lost. He was an insuranceagent, and seemed to look at the event as a possibly serious loss for someunderwriter.Billy, however, was a natural leader, and famous, and he took charge. Themayor was smart enough to let him do it. The Police chief was efficient,once he knew what to do and he controlled the crowds and kept out theonlookers. Ari and Gil alerted the conservation and environmentalgroups. Billy called the governor and impressed on him the seriousness ofthe situation. He also called the President. It is hard to believe that aquarterback could do that, but they were golfing buddies.Billy said this had all the makings of a major disaster and that a full outeffort was needed immediately to keep it from getting out of hand. "Myfriend here just watched the ship explode." Billy said. "This could wipeout half of the cost of Florida if it gets away from us." The Presidentunderstood.Having Billy here focused media attention on us immediately. It was a slownews period and the 24 hour news programs needed something to broadcast sothe television cameras were set up on the deck, giving continuous coverage.With the national attention and resources were focused on the situation.Soon booms and specialized equipment were on the way from all over the Gulffrom as far away as New Orleans and the Texas coast.Promptness pays off. The fire was controlled and the ship kept afloat sothat the oil leak was limited. The weather was calm and the containmentbooms were successful. It was an exhausting week, but a very satisfyingone.Our weekend of sexual experimentation was over. There was nothing that wecould do with the audience and national exposure. Billy and Gil went off toWashington to testify to a Senate committee on the environment. Ari and Iwere busy rescuing birds and a****ls unlucky enough to get trapped in theoil that spilled.Fortunately once the disaster was averted, the media attentionvanished. Two weeks later we were back to a normal routine. We weren't ableto get together again until after Christmas. Billy was too busy doing bowlgames until then."Billy will be here on the second week of January." Ari said. "He says he'sextra horny now, so be ready for some fun. Gil will be coming too.""I'm ready." I said."H e asked me if you might get Mike over to join us." Ari said. "And hesaid that maybe the Police Chief was interested.""Chief McDonald?""Yep." Ari laughed. "Billy's a fast worker. I don't know how he and thechief connected. I thought they had a camera on them at all times, but hemust have.""Has he planned everything?" I asked."I think so. He told me to get a couple of extra tubes of lubricant if theChief comes. He said we'd need it."I saw Mike at the hardware store and he was ready and more than willing. AsI drove home I saw flashing blue lights behind me and pulled over. It wasthe chief."You're Billy's friend?" He asked."I sure am." I said."Can we talk a little? Private like?" He asked. I nodded."Is my house private enough?"I asked. He nodded. He followed to the houseand came inside."Troy McDonald here." He said, shaking hands. "You are John?""Yes, I take it you are Billy's friend too?" I said."Billy asked me to get together with you guys next weekend." Troy said. Hewas a big man, six feet but 250 pounds so he looked a bit shorter than hewas. He was balding and had a walrus mustache. His shirt was a size toosmall, so you could tell there was a good deal of muscle in with the fat.He looked like the caricature of a southern sherif."Not really, but I'd like to be." He said. "We kind of . . . Hit it offduring the oil spill." I smiled."Billy and I have. . . Hit of off once or twice too." I said. He lookedat me oddly, then smiled."You know what I'm talking about then?" He said. I nodded. "Well, we reallyhit it off. I don't think I've ever enjoyed anything so much in mylife. I've never done it before." I looked at him oddly. He smiled. "Neverhad it even come close to being that good. He said he'd like to do it againbut he wants to be with you guys. He said I was welcome to join in.""He told Ari that.""I don't want to come if I'm a gate crasher." He said. "I'm not really intothis group thing. But. . . ..""You really want to get together with Billy again?""Bingo." Troy said. "Shit, I can't sleep without thinking about it. I wakeup hard and unhappy! I'm not a beach bunny. I've not been naked in front ofstrangers in years. ""We aren't the kind of men who require you to have your hair and nailsdone! It's not a Miss America contest." I said laughing. "We're laid back,no pressure to go anywhere you don't want to go.""I'm the sherif." Troy said. I knew where he was going."We're into mutual fun, not political action." I said. "We all like eachother. It has been a surprise to me. I didn't expect to like it as much asI do. I didn't know I'd like it one on one, and didn't have an inkling thatI'd become a member of a quartet." I paused. "You know though, I certainlyhaven't regretted a moment. It's been a new world for me. I didn't know itliked sex until I met Ari.""Billy said he was big?" Troy asked."He sure is." I said. "Are you into size?""I didn't think so." Troy said. "But Billy described you all naked and Iseem to have been dwelling on Ari. I don't know what's happening tome. These are new feelings. It's kind of scary.""Don't worry too much. The feelings seemed all new to me at first." I said."Looking back, I realize that the feelings were there, just repressed. Inmy case, really repressed. I was always happiest on the construction site,working with the men. I was surrounded by hard-working men and didn'trecognize the sexual component. I never did anything." Troy looked at me."I like being surrounded by cops and troopers." He asked. "I hadn't thoughtof it that way. I'm married, but that certainly hasn't been a success. Ilove my k**s, though. I wouldn't give that up for anything. I've never doneanything with a cop." We understood each other. I offered him a beer and wesat down and talked.Troy's gay experiences were like mine, few and far between. They hadn'tbeen very successful. He was uncomfortable with effeminate men, and wasuncomfortable with his sea lion like figure. He relaxed. It was about fiveand Ari called."I've just caught the mother of all fish! Can you come over for dinner?" Hasked."I'd love to. I'm with the chief now." I said. "We're talking.""Bring him over. There's more than enough." Ari said. "I'd like to get toknow him." I asked Troy and he was interested."Come over in fifteen minutes." Ari said.Troy called his wife and told her he was eating out and would be back late."Does she mind?" I asked."Shit no!" Troy said. "She only minds if I stay home. We ain't love birdsanymore.""Were you ever lovebirds?" I asked, smiling."Everything was great until the wedding day. It's been bumpysince. Thirty-five fucking years." We finished the beers and walked nextdoor. Ari greeted us with great enthusiasm."A great fish!" Ari said. It was still warm and he was shirtless. "Welcometo my house." They had briefly met during the spill, but Ari had been withthe conservationists and their paths didn't cross much. Wine was out as Ariwhipped up a dinner. Troy took most of his hardware off and unbuttoned hisshirt. He was almost as hairy as Ari, but much more grey.Dinner was great as always and Troy was appreciative. "Damn! I haven'teaten like this in years."He said. "Too much fast food for me. I'm too busyto cook for my self, my wife is too lazy, and even if I did cook, we'd haveto eat together. We both try to avoid that.""My eating habits changed for the better when I moved next door to Ari." Isaid. "Actually, all of my habits seemed to have changed.""I could use a change." Troy said."Billy told me you were well on the way to breaking out." Ari said with asmile. "You are going to join us next week?""I think Troy will be joining us. That's what we were talking about at myhouse." I said. "He was feeling a bit uncomfortable with it.""The more the merrier! The oil spill interrupted our fun and games." Arisaid. "We have some unfinished business.""I don't want to get in the way." Troy said. "Three's a crowd.""Not the way we play." Ari said. "Four was no problem, five or six won'tbe.""What about three?" Troy asked."I'm willing to give it a try." Ari said. "What about you, John?" I noddedand we went into Ari's bedroom. Troy was a big boy everywhere. His mustachewas walrus-like and the rest of him matched. His body was thick and hairyas was his cock. It must have been two and a half inches in diameter andmore than six inches long. It was a massive tube with a cut head. He wasalready erect and that gave me a good view of his monster balls.My balls don't have much feeling, I am a cock man, but Troy's were a turnon."Look at those seed factories!" Ari said. "No need for desert tonight!"Troy dropped to his knees and sucked Ari's equipment. I got on the floorand sucked Troy. His cock was dribbling like a leaky faucet. There was asteady stream of precum oozing from his spigot. I had noticed that I gotexcited when Billy or Ari oozed a drop of th natural lubricant. I hadn'tguessed what a steady stream of the fluid would do. It did a lot. Troy wasa real find.After my conversation with Troy, I thought he would be reserved andstandoffish. He seemed almost crazed in his attention to Ari's dick. Guyscan pretend to like sucking dicks, but they can't get their cocks topretend. He was betrayed by his balls and prostate that were filing histube with man seed. The pre cum gushing from Troy's cock confirmed mysuspicions about him. His interest in man sex wasn't casual. Troy was agay man who had never been able to admit that to himself, until now.He was having no trouble with Ari's monster, and I guessed that Troy had alot more experienced than he let on. I bet it had been in interstate reststops and there had been no relationships, but there had been sex.Troy began to moan and whimper. I expected a good shot, but the force andamount of his cum astonished me. I had to swallow twice. I usuallyejaculate in ten or twelve volleys. The first few are a drop, then themother load, then a few small shots. I didn't count, Troy's but he musthave shot twenty times. It was more like a rich cream filling not watery orthin.His apricot size head turned ultra sensitive as he popped and I continuedto lick it. I swirled my tongue around it, mixing the cum from hisprevious shots with the new still spewing from his meat. When he finallyfinished, I pulled off."I'm sorry." He gasped. "I didn't mean to shoot without warning. I gotcarried away.""Hair trigger, or just carried away?" Ari asked."Carried away, think." He said. "It usually takes forever to pop. I musthave been inspired. I can't believe your cock is real! Damn!" Ari clearlyhad a warm spot for Ari's meat. He was still licking it, lollipop style. Ijoined him on the other side of the tube. Ari was big enough for two and hewas just beginning to ooze precum. I realized that Troy was hard again.We rearranged ourselves on the bed. Troy was on his back, I straddled hisface and Ari sampled the Chief's cock. Troy a good sucker, he wasn't asexcited by my cock as Ari's, but it was good. We took a breather. I gotbeside Troy on the bed, Ari stayed near the chief's cock. Troy had his legsopen and Ari was fingering the ass. Troy was really excited and the spigotturned on again."Are you ready to shoot again?" Ari asked Troy. Troy nodded. "Are youinterested in trying something more intense? You've got a really hot spotin your hole here. I'd love to give it a workout. " Troy nodded again. Ididn't expect Ari to be so direct, and knew he was uncomfortable with analsex. Ari was afraid he would hurt his partner. Billy must have told Arimore about Troy's sexual interests than Ari had told me. Ari had said we'dneed additional lube.I lubricated Ari's cock while he lubed the chief's ass. Ari then positionedhis monster at the hole and he guided it into Troy's ass. Troy tensed up,then began to growl uncontrolledly. Ari's bush was pressed against Troy assand there were to very happy men in the room. I couldn't tell which man wasenjoying it more. Ari had penetrated as deep as he could go, and lookedlike he had won the lottery. Troy had no problem with the horse cock andwas growling in pleasure.Ari began to pump, then ram. After a few strokes it was clear that therewas nothing that Ari could do that Troy wouldn't enjoy. The police man wassweating like a pig, but that was from pure sexual excitement. In the dimbedroom light every vein in Ari's rock hard cock was accentuated. Sometimeshe would pull all the way out. Ari's cock head was glistening, deeppurple, with his slit open.Troy would cry in disappointment that his ass was empty and Ari would ramit in again. They seemed to know what the other wanted. As Ari got more andmore excited and thrust faster and faster, Troy got closer and closer toorgasm. Troy shot first, but Ari followed immediately. I was so excited bytheir love making that I hadn't noticed I was pumping my own cock and Iadded my cum to the mess on Troy's hair-covered body. We all collapsed onthe bed."Holy Shit!" Troy said after he caught his breath. "Was that real or adream? Damn""Billy said I'd like you." Ari said. Troy had to get home so we broke up,but he said he would be sure to be with us when Billy arrived next weekend.
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