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A Mom And Her Son?s Friend

Post #1

A Mom And Her Son?s Frienddeleteddeleteddeletedarchana was on the high sky today. It was her son Aman?s 19th birthday. The house was full of relatives and friends. Aman?s friend were all about to embark on an evening in town. Of course after savoring her skillful cooking. The evening had gone pretty well without any bummer and all of the guests were seemed happy.Archana loved being a mother. She had done this for years and she still enjoys her role. Looking after three c***dren were not everyone?s cup of tea but she had done it wonderfully. She was 45 years old but still maintains herself. Although age was catching up on her, she could still turn some heads.Her breasts were starting to lose their firmness, the stomach has a bit of tire and the aging lines on the face and neck were starting to show. Her brownish black hair was medium in length but dense. There were few white lines but she colors it regularly and her hairstyle was perfect on her face.She looked around the room as all of Aman?s friend were preparing to leave. There was a lot of discussion going on among them and she could over-hear a few of them. Like other teenagers, it was mostly about women and who among them could manage to pull out one. She smiled in herself thinking how ignorant of them and how many of them would really know how to chat with a woman properly.The noise faded in the house as her son?s friend made their way out to the nearest hangout place. She was left alone in the house as her husband was away at work. He had informed her that he would not be home until the early morning. She arranged the house a little bit and then decided to have a long bath before hitting the bed.Hours later her sleep was disturbed by the sound of her bedroom door opening. She was quite tired and had been fast asleep, that?s why not completely aware of what was happening. With half-closed eyes she looked at the clock- it was 1 am. Aman?s father might be back from work earlier than expected.She sensed a bit of movement around her bed and then felt the lift. A body moved next to her. She felt that against her. After sometime she felt breathing on her neck and then small kisses against that. A hand moved to her stomach and then slide to her breasts rubbing against her nipples.That hand rubbing and cupping her boobs pinching her nipples. She wanted to withdraw but somehow it was feeling good. It?s been quite long since she got any physical attention from him. Like any other middle-aged Indian women, she has the same story. Too much of work and lack of spark after a long marriage.The attention was quite warm. She was feeling his body moving against hers and breathing against her face. A hard long kiss on her lips as if damaging her mouth. A tongue pushed into her mouth. The kiss was quite rough but she liked it. He was not normally this rough and passionate when it comes to sex.She could smell alcohol. But she doesn?t mind if he is ready to satisfy her. The hands were now pulling her vest. She was not going to resist as she is coming into mood herself. Plus they had the whole house. She allowed him to pull it over her head. She took a gasp as she felt his mouth on her nipple.The mouth was pulling, suckling and gently biting her nipple. She felt extremely aroused and in response, her hand went back to his head pulling him harder against herself. She felt fingers on the knot of her pajama bottoms and pulling it down. She spread her legs a little and something touched her pussy.She gasped again as the hand rubbed her slit. Archana moaned in pleasure and spread her legs wider in response. It has been years she hasn?t felt like this. The rubbing is getting harder and faster and in response, pussy is getting wetter and wetter. Archana felt something hard pushing her legs.She reached her hand and there was something expected, a hard throbbing cock. Though it felt larger than what she is used to be. She felt it so started to work for her hand up and down with hard strokes in excitement. She heard a moan coming out of his mouth and in response wanked him harder.She was feeling a fiery sensation between her legs because of excitement. It was burning with pleasure and her clit was being extremely buzzed. She felt a push at her vagina and then took a deep breath and felt two fingers entering inside. Her clit was still being rubbed and she couldn?t manage her normal breathing with this kind of assault.Archana?s excitement was going beyond control and she tightened her grip grinding the cock harder. She was moaning and gasping in pleasure. ?Fuck Anuj it feels so good. I am so close baby,? she said. She felt another finger at her pussy and then moaned as it went inside.She shouted in appreciation as it got faster. She suddenly felt a change in motion and before she could utter anything she felt a pressure on her clit. She realizes what he had done. Now his thumb is on her clit and rest of fingers were going in and out of pussy. This was more than her control. The pleasure was unbearable.She moaned in ecstasy as she almost forgot what it feels like. She could not believe how much her little sister could take inside her. Something was building inside her. Deep inside her yet she could feel it. Her body started agitating and legs pressed shut. Waves of pleasure were traveling her body.She jerked and arched her body as each wave was hitting her hard. ?Ummm. Oh fuck. I am cumming. Yes yes, keep doing it. Oh, God.? She screamed loud.She collapsed back on the bed with shocks of pleasure inside her womb and subsiding orgasm. She felt like as if she ran a marathon.She removed his hand from her pussy and she felt his face close to her. The kissing, hard and rough like teenage lovers. Her hand reached out and grabbed his cock again. She started caressing its whole length. Her hand was moving hard and fast on its entire length of his cock.She knew he was having time of his life. His breathing pattern and his thrusting into her hand was a clear indication of this. Then she felt him moving and her legs were pushed apart as he shifted between them. His hands were on her knees stretching her legs wide and pushing them against her chest.He wanted to expose her pussy fully. She won?t mind it at all. She could feel him coming closer, his thighs against the back of her bent legs. Then the brush of his cock head against her wet vagina. She could feel the tip of his cock sliding against her entire slit. It was getting unbearable for her.The touch of a hard cock on her wet cunt is creating thunders inside her. She knew it would be inside her at any moment. But those seconds were feeling like an eternity to her. His cock was running up and down against her pussy, teasing her clit and giving her waves of pleasure.Archana wanted him bad. So bad. She needed him inside her. She took a deep breath and pushed her body towards her dick. ?Ahhhh, mmm? she moaned hard. She felt his cock sliding inside her wet vagina smoothly. She gasped with a shock as she felt that at the same moment he pushed remaining of his cock inside her with a great force.She missed a breath and her eyes popped out from the socket. He put his whole length inside her without any signal or warning.?Owww fuck!? She shouted. ?You are feeling huge. Please go slow.??God you feel great. You nearly split me in two.? She continued. ?Ohh yes, feels like it?s reaching till my stomach.? She almost came and the feeling was so intense. However, she was feeling something was not right. All this seems unusual and weirdly different.The sex was quite different- hard and rough and so full of intensity, which was never used to be. But the feeling was so out-worldly. In the darkness, she reached out for the light switch. As the light clicked on her face got adjusted, she got the shock of her life. She froze as her gaze settled on the face above her.It was Kabir- her son?s friend. His eyes were stuck on her face- gazing into her eyes- with full of lust yet so frightened. She didn?t know what to do, how to respond. Pinned under his body and so shocked that couldn?t able to move even a bit. She was literally of his mother?s age and here lying on the bed with spread legs bent up to her chest.Her vagina was fully exposed with a young cock buried inside it. She finally able to shout, ?What the hell is this Kabir! What are you doing?? she shouted assuming that he would get panicked and leave her but he didn?t.He murmured, ?Aunty, I am sorry. Please don?t be mad. I am really sorry. I just couldn?t help myself.? He was shaking like a hell. ?I just don?t know. I couldn?t control. I find you very attractive. I am really sorry.?His words were not making sense to her. ?Kabir, you came to my bedroom and start doing this. What the fuck were you thinking? Trying to **** me? Are you drunk and out of your mind? I am like your mother.? She was looking at him and he started to look worried.She noticed the more worried he looks, the more adorable he is becoming. She sensed an irony that she is having a conversation a boy young enough to be her son while her legs are up in the air with his cock buried inside her pussy. He had not moved from there.With every breath he was taking, she could feel his cock moving inside her. Even after all the shock, she could not hide the pleasure she was getting out if this. ?I have had a bit of drink aunty. I shouldn?t have done something like this. It?s just that?Sorry, it?s so stupid.??No no. Explain to me. I am listening.??It?s just that we had a bet. It?s really stupid.? He was struggling to get words out of his mouth.?What bet? I want to hear all of it.?She suddenly smiled to herself inside. The more embarrassed and afraid he becomes, the words are getting hard to get out of her mouth. She is finding him sexier in this situation. She is coming out of her initial shock and now feeling sort of flattered that he wanted her so badly.How often does that happen when a teenage boy had a crush on a middle-aged lady and go to this extent to get her. She could feel him inside her throbbing and send pulses of pleasure into her womb. He was really good. She didn?t feel something like this in ages. She almost forgot what it takes to feel like this.He has a good physique and he certainly knows how to use it. He stretched her wide open and reach depth deep inside her. She was feeling as if he had reached up to her stomach. She was quite shocked that she was able to take all of it without much trouble.One part of her brain which was sensible and reasonable told her that this is her son?s best friend, she was old enough to be his mother and he was about to **** her. His cock was still inside her. The slutty part of her brain was saying most of it- he is young, good looking with good stamina.He could give her what she was craving for. At her age, how many chances she would get to have someone like him. She thought to herself- this is the chance for her. Maybe once in a lifetime chance. ?We?We all had that bet. It?s really stupid. I cannot tell you. You would be pissed.? He was stammering.She was intrigued. She needed to know more and knew she was now in control of all this situation. She is in charge now. She could still feel him inside her. She squeezed her pussy little just to tease her. She could feel him twitch. She looked at him and said in a hard tone, ?I want an explanation now. I want to know what is going on here. What was this bet that you came and tried to **** me.?Kabir said, ?Okay. But don?t be mad please.??Hang on.? She stopped him. ?Would you keep it inside me while you are telling me a story or you are going to take it out???I am really sorry.? He mumbled and pushed himself off. She felt his cock pull out of her pussy and instantly wanted back inside her. She could feel her pussy stretched wide open without having his cock filling the gap. He sat back on the bed as she pushed herself up and sat in front of him.Her legs were still spread on either side of him but for the first time, she could look at him properly. She could see him without clothes properly the first time. He has a nice one. Neither muscular not lean. His cock was still hard and standing out. She looked at it.She could not believe moments ago it was inside her. She thought about moving away from him and grabbing something to cover herself. It?s weird that she was sitting naked on a bed with her son?s best friend. She could still feel her thrust. She was feeling really horny and liked the fact that her legs were still around him.She could feel his naked flesh against her legs. Kabir could clearly see her wet and gaping pussy. With this prime view, his cock decline to rest. She stayed where she was and waiting for his reply. ?Don?t be mad aunty. It was a stupid bet.?He started. ?After leaving the house, we went to a pub to have drinks. After sometimes we decided that we would have a competition to see who could pull the oldest woman. We thought it would be fun. But to be honest I couldn?t think of anyone except you. I have fancied you for long. I know it?s not right but I couldn?t help it.??I didn?t know. I am quite surprised.? She tried to act normal though she was flattered. ?So, how did everyone do in the bet?? She asked.?None of the guys managed to chat except Aman. He met a woman who was probably around 45 years old.??Does that mean he is not here???No, he isn?t. He went back to her place and asked me to stay here.??Dirty little pervert,? she said. ?What was she like and who does she think taking advantage of??He smiled at her reaction. ?She was alright but nothing compared to you.? She looked at him and asked, ?Why me Kabir? You are quite good looking and also good at everything. I am sure you could have any girl of your own age. I am old enough to be your mother. So what this is all about fancying me??He looked embarrassed and said, ?I don?t know. But I don?t like any girl of my age. They all are so girlish. You look really pretty. You maintain yourself well and have a charismatic personality. Plus, the fact that you are old enough to be my mother is of advantage. I find that quite sexy.?She asked again, ?But look at me. I am 45 years old. I got wrinkles and getting saggy and fat.? Though she secretly knows that she looked pretty good even at this age.?I don?t know aunty. I love all these things. Maybe it?s little weird but that?s how it is. To be honest, I cannot think of anyone sexier than you.?She could not hold any longer. It was getting out of her hand. She needed him. She wanted him badly. She wanted to make his cock hard. Hard enough so that she could take him inside her, feel him inside her.?But you should be chasing girls of your own age Kabir. You are handsome and got a good boy. And believe you whatever you have down there, is quite good? She doesn?t know how these words came out of her mouth. ?The problem is aunty, I don?t know. But I don?t like much with them.?She smiled with a touch of seduction. ?Well, I know what it will like them. I can assure you for this.? She giggles and decided instantly to take control of the situation. She moved closer to him with her legs spread around his thighs so that he was in between her and within touching distance.Her face was near him and she could feel his breath on her face. ?Kabir, I am old enough to be your mother. I?ve got k**s older than you. Does that turn you on? Do you really want to fuck someone older than you? Do you really want to fuck your friend?s mother? Imagine the reaction of Aman if he sees us. How would he react if he comes to know that you are lying here on the bed naked with me??She could feel his hardening cock with all this talk. ?Does this really excite you? Is this making you hard?? She goes near her ear touch his earlobe with her lips and whispered, ?You really enjoy while I talk dirty with you? Isn?t it?? She sucked his earlobe after whispering this.?Umm,? he hardly manages to get it out of his mouth. ?I always fantasized you acting slutty and dirty. It?s just unimaginable that women of your age would act in such a manner. Since you are normally so proper, it?s really exciting that you have this hidden inside you which is opening just for me??Don?t worry. There are many things which will open for you tonight. I can act slutty if you assure me that I will get something good in return,? she smiled and while saying this looked at his hard cook with eyes full of lust. She continued making sure that she is very near to him.By going her fingers all over his body, ?I want you here and now. I want you to be rough and really fuck me hard. I want you to make me dirty as much as you can.? She goes for his lips and pushed her tongue inside his mouth as hard as she could. She felt his urgent and hurried response pushing his tongue back.She was enjoying his inexperienced enthusiasm. She knew that dirtier she would talk, the more tuned he will become. His strings are in her hand and she was enjoying this fully. She never acted like this before. She didn?t realize that this was something hidden inside her.She was enjoying his inexperienced enthusiasm. She knew that dirtier she would talk, the more tuned he will become. His strings are in her hand and she was enjoying this fully. She never acted like this before. She didn?t realize that this was something hidden inside her.Archana whispered in his ear, ?You are huge Kabir. It is the biggest I have seen. When you were inside me earlier, I thought you were going to tear me. It was so long that I felt moving it in my stomach. If you are going to fuck me with that thing, I don?t think I will go to someone else ever. You will stretch me to the extent that only you can fill this hole again.?He was getting more and more excited. ?Umm aunty. You don?t need to recover. I will always be here for you. I will be at your service whenever you want.??Ahaa! I am over 45 years and gave birth to three c***dren. My pussy is already stretched. Perhaps I need a cock of your size to fill me up.? He smiled, ?I never thought I would be having this kind of conversation with you.?She looked at him inside his eyes and said, ?I want you to split me, Kabir. I want you to reach places inside me where no one ever touched. I want you to cum deep in my pussy and to feel shooting inside my womb. I want you to fuck me roughly. I want you to bang me without protection and cum inside me. I want your cum leaking out of my cunt and down my legs.?He looked at her, ?But what if you get pregnant?? He asked with sort of fear. She laughed, ?It?s highly unlikely seeing my age. But let?s try baby. Fuck me and try to make me pregnant. Shoot deep inside me and see whether you can give me a baby or not.? She winked at him and teasing him.She continued, ?If you could, it would be a miracle, but let?s try. What?s the harm in trying.? Hurriedly he reached out to touch her breast. He rubbed her nipple and she moaned in response. ?I can?t believe you are letting me do this.? by saying this he kissed her hard and she moaned in his mouth.She sensed that the talk of unprotected sex was a real turn on for him. She decided to play with him more. Her hand reached out to his cock and brushed against it a few times to tease him. She felt him stiffen and gasping. She heard the change in breath each time her hand goes against his cock.?Kabir, you have to fuck me without a condom.? She whispered. ?I don?t want you to use any protection at all. I want your skin to touch my womb. I want to feel these pulsating nerves against my vaginal walls. I want my pussy to feel the touch of your cock?s skin. I want you to leave every drop of your cum inside my pussy. Thought of you making me pregnant is really turning me on.??In reality, it might be problematic and impossible, but leave that for now. Let?s take chance. Imagine if you make me pregnant. What would I tell Aman and Anuj? What would I tell others? That look, here is an 18-year-old guy who made me pregnant because we were so horny that didn?t bother to use protection.? She laughed lightly at her own joke.?Kabir, baby do it. Try to make me pregnant if you could. Cum inside me and let?s see what happens. See if you can leave me with a night I won?t forget for the rest of my life. I won?t be taking any pill either.??I will do it, aunty. I will make sure you won?t regret your decision to give me a chance.? he could hardly mutter. Though he always imagined her to be like this, it was really hard for him to grasp it in reality. He couldn?t believe eyes that the woman who was so proper and cultured is the same woman who is talking slutty and doing all these things.?That?s my boy!? by saying this she grabbed his cock with a hand grip. He escapes a moan. Archana was enjoying mentioning that he was so young to her. This was making her pussy wet and wetter. She couldn?t believe that an 18-year-old cock is digging her pussy right now in her own bed and she is letting him do it with open legs.?Baby I am going to fuck you as you have never been. Just relax and enjoy whatever aunty is going to do with you. This is going to be the sweetest, fastest and hardest sex of your life. I will blow your mind. I want you to cum hard and cum all over mom?s body.?He got surprised at her use of word mom. Before he could say anything, she kissed him hard and turned him upside down positioning herself over him. Archana?s hand gripped his cock and started hard, long and fast strokes up and down the entire length. Her grip on his cock was getting tighter as she was moving her hand up and down from base to the tip.It was hard and fast. She was looking seductively into his eyes and this look was unbearable for him. He couldn?t believe all this is happening to him right here in Archana?s bedroom. She moved his lips and kissed him hard sucking his whole lips into her mouth. She shoved her entire tongue inside his mouth twirling it inside.With each stroke, she was rubbing the tip of his cock on her lower stomach so that he could get the feel of her naked flesh. He was gasping and breathing hard. ?Aunty that feels so good. Ahh! Please keep doing this.?She started rubbing him harder and faster. She is giving her best right now. She doesn?t want to disappoint herself. She kissed him harder and said, ?I am going to make you cum baby. I want you to spurt all your load over me. I want to see your cum on my pussy.? she said this and aimed his cock towards her wet gaping cunt.She rubbed his tip over her pussy. She heard him gasping hard as she pushed his cock head against her fleshy opening. Now instead of rubbing him with her hands, she started rubbing his cock up and down on his opening. Kabir could feel the oozing wetness of her pussy.He was trying to push hard his cock forward but she held him back. By holding him back, she was teasing him. She wanted him to wait to get the ultimate taste of her body. She was rubbing his head up and down on her entrance. Her rhythm was hard and fast.She thought if she is hurting him with her insanity but decided to wave this off. She wanted to be rough with him. She could hear his breathing which was getting heavier with every passing second, alongside soft moans coming out of his mouth. She knew he has never experienced something like this. ?Am I hurting you?? She asked him softly.?Umm. No no. It feels great. Please keep going.? She grabbed his cock again and started pumping him hard while rubbing it on her opening. She felt the change. This double attack was too much for him. But she didn?t want this to end this easily. She paused for a moment and squeezed his cock hard sending jolts of pain in his body.Then she again started pumping him slowly increasing pace deliberately. She knew he would not be able to hold longer. ?I am going to show what I can do to you, Kabir. You will see what I have inside me. After this, you would never want to go back to any young girl. You will be begging me to do it to you again and again.??I will make you erase all images from your brain except my body and this experience. You will be wanting to come to me again and again whenever you get a chance. Whenever I am at your house to meet your mom, you will want to follow me to the toilet, pull up my sari and fuck me from back quickly.?? Whenever my husband will go on a trip, you will make excuse to stay here, sneak in my bedroom during the night and fuck me on the same bed you are fucking me now. You will want me to pick up in your car, go to some secluded place and then fuck me from bending me over the bonnet. Every time you fuck me, you will want more and more.?She could feel the change in his body. His cock seemed to get bigger and harder. He kissed her wildly. She knew he was about to cum. Her grip got tightened and rhythm faster. She wanted him to cum all over her. She wanted to feel that sticky liquid over her body.She could not think of anything dirtier than making a boy of her son?s age cum all over her pussy. She has total control over him but losing her own control. Her wanking got harder and faster as his breaking was getting heavier. She was making sure that his cock stays in touch with her cunt.?I want you to cum over my pussy baby. I want to get hurt by the force of your sperm. I want you to cum over my old and torn pussy. I want to feel your young and virgin cum over me. Don?t you want to cum over mom?s pussy???Imagine how Parul?s (Kabir?s mom) pussy tastes. Imagine she opening her legs and showing her wet hot pussy to you and asking you to lick the juices out of her slit while she moans louder and harder.?Archana felt Kabir?s entire body was getting tense. His cock seemed to grow in length and girth. Then she heard him let out a low groan, ?Ohh, aunty! I love you.? Archana felt like a bullet hit her hand. She got surprised at the speed she felt as his cum hit her pussy.Then she felt wave after wave of soft hit on her opening and stomach. She could feel some dripping liquid over her stomach and pussy. She heard him gasping and moaning in pleasure. She started stroking him harder. She felt wave after wave of hot sticky liquid hitting her stomach and pussy as she continued to pump his cock.Archana continued rubbing his cock to squeeze the last drop of cum from his penis. Then her rhythm got subsided. He collapsed against her. She felt his cum dripping all over her lower body. She smilingly asked even knowing the answer, ?Did you enjoy this baby?? She looked down at herself.She was surprised by the sight. His cock was going limp. Her entire pussy was covered in his cum. It was glistening by his cum. Her thighs were wet and sticky and her stomach was covered with a lining of his dropping hot cum. She could feel his cum dribbling down her stomach into her cunt.?Fuck Kabir!. You came, a huge baby. I don?t know last time when I have seen this? she said excitedly. He smiled, ?I am glad you like it.? He said going for her lips and kissing. He moved his hand on her pussy and started running her cum covered pussy. She felt that he started to work his cum in between her pussy lips.He was spreading his cum all over her pussy lips. His hand was touching all areas of her pussy exploring each and every inch between her legs. This movement of his hand is really turning her on. She needed him badly. She wanted to feel his cock deep inside her cunt. She wanted to feel his hardness again inside her.She pushed him back onto the bed so that he was lying on his back. Then she came on top of him covering his whole body with her?s. She reached her hand to his limp cock and grabbed it. She pointed it towards her hot wet lubricated cunt.?I want you to go inside me and then grow inside. She said as she pushed his cock into her pussy opening. Archana pushed his cock into her wet cunt and felt it slide inside her pussy. She then started moving back and forth like rubbing his cock inside her pussy walls.She was waiting for his cock to grow deep inside her. As she continued to thrust, she looked him in the eye with full lust. ?How does this feel Kabir? Does it feel good to be inside the pussy of a woman who is old enough to be your mother? Does my old cunt is better than younger cunts you have fucked or dreamed of fucking??She continued to ask him such questions to make him more and more excited. She bent towards his chest and offered him her nipple. She continued to thrust. ?Do my old tits turn you on, Kabir? Do you like mom?s boobs? How about mom?s old body??She was teasing him as her thrust was getting faster. She felt him getting harder. The more she was taking and thrusting him, harder he was getting. As Kabir was getting harder and harder, Archana?s pussy was stretching.His cock was getting bigger and bigger. ?Oh God Kabir! You are massive.? She hissed. It was feeling much better than last time. He smiled knowing that Archana got his entire cock inside her stretching her vagina to the fullest.Archana started thrusting her hips back and forth and she felt her clit burning with please. She could not believe how big the cock inside her was. He was up to her stomach. She had never had anything this big before. The pleasure and sensations were more than she had ever experienced.She could feel her orgasm building. She never came so soon before. Her thrusts were getting faster and she tried to push herself over the edge. The harder she got the more Kabir thrust his cock into her to meet each thrust. ?Fuck me Kabir? she whispered, ?fuck me hard.??Fuck my pussy deep. Fuck that feels good. Make me cum on your cock Kabir. Fuck me hard. I want to feel you shoot into me. Do you hear me? Fuck me and fill me up with your cum. Make me pregnant now, spunk in me now.?Archana?s dirty talk pushed him to the edge. With a final push, he started cumming deep inside her. She felt his cum shooting inside her womb. ?Ahhh?That?s it Atul I can feel you cumming. Ah..fuck..I?m?I?m cumming? Ohh?Ahhh?fuck I?m cumming on you,? Archana shouted as her orgasm flooded through her.Archana was thrusting wildly against Kabir as she thrust every ounce of her orgasm out of her body. ?Fuck Kabir,? she gasped, ?I can feel your cum inside me. I can feel your shoot deep in my cunt. It feels fantastic. I?m older than your mother and I?ve just let you cum in my pussy!?Archana laughed and giggled. ?I can?t believe we?ve just done that. At this age, I shouldn?t be acting like this. This is so dirty,? she laughed. Archana sat on Kabir with his cock inside her for a few more minutes. She was feeling sexy by the thought that an 18-year-old came inside her and now going limp in her pussy only.She leaned and kissed him softly and as she did, they heard the sound of a car pulling into the drive. They both got alert. ?Shit,? Archana said, ?That?s Anuj?s car. Please leave quickly, he can?t see us.?Kabir grabbed his things and rushed as soon as he could to the bedroom door. As he was going, he heard Archana laughing and saying to him, ?Don?t forget me, Kabir, I?ve got lots more to show you. He?s going away again on Wednesday night. Informing you if you are interested.?Kabir smiled, ?I am not an idiot to leave this chance. I will spend all these days just to imagine how it would be.? he smiled and closed the door, leaving Archana with memories and imaginations.
04-15-2021, at 10:44 AM

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