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In The Neighborhood

Post #1

In The NeighborhoodStill summertime and I was hornier than ever. My girlfriend gave me the occasional hand job / blow job, but we had not fucked yet. She was the cutest and I had lot's of masturbation action thinking about her, or my cousin, or uncle and aunt, or just about anything that had two legs and a sex organ. I was just a horny teenage b0y. This one day I was outside cutting the grass and doing yardwork. This was back in the 70's, and my cut off jeans were fairly short and definitely tight. It was a hot day and i had my shirt off as I did the work. After a good hour of sweating, I was ready for a break. I got a glass of water and sat on the back deck in a lawn chair checking out the work I had done so far and looking at the rest of the yards around me. It was then that I saw my neighbor, Mr. V, out on his porch on the back of his house. He was standing facing his house with his back to me. I stared for a minute before I realized that he was absolutely naked. His bare ass was visible through the screening and I could just make out that his hand was busy on his front side. He was jacking off, and I could see it perfectly. I lay there watching him for a bit when he suddenly turned around and I could see his big, hard dick sticking out like a tree branch. He looked right over at me, and we made eye contact. His hand was rubbing his cock and he smiled at me. I felt me cock getting harder by the second and i reached down to adjust it in my pants. He walked closer to the screen and I could clearly see him now. His right hand was stroking his cock and his left hand was under his balls. He closed his eyes for a minute and just rubbed away. I looked around and realized that I was in a perfect spot to see him, and to pull out my cock with no neighbors in view. I opened up my fly and my cock strained against my underwear. I pulled down my tighty whities enough so that my cock broke free and popped up. it was covered in glistening precum and I immediately started to stroke it. Mr. V had stopped for a minute and just watched me. I looked right at him and steadily rubbed myself. I knew it would not take long for me to cum. My cock was always ready at this age. Mr. V started rubbing his cock again and we just masturbated and stared at each other for a minute or two. All of a sudden, Mr. V called out to me. He seldom spoke to me, I wasn't even sure he really knew me, but he said my name sharply and said "come here". I stopped and looked and he waved me over. I pulled my pants up a bit, not bothering to button them. I walked across the grass into his yard and came over to the porch. He said to come in, so I did. It was a little surreal. I was just a t3enage b0y and I was standing in my tight jean shorts with a raging hard on right in front of a 50 something naked man. He looked at me and smiled. "I wasn't sure if you would come over, I didn't mean to scare you but I thought you may be interested in helping me." All the while he was playing with his still hard cock. From this close, it was easy to see that he had at least 8 if not 10 inches of rock hard cock. It was shiny and thick and nicely trimmed, even if it has some grey pubes. "How would you like to make $20?" That was a fortune to me back then, so I asked him what I could do for it. "just kneel down and look up at me, I will do the rest" I didn't hesitate. I knelt in front of him and gazed up at him and his massive penis. "if you want to pull your penis out and rub it like you were doing, it is OK with me" he said. I continued to look at him as I slowly undid my zipper and pulled my pants down enough for it to spring free. He gave a little sigh and I saw a nice drip of cum from the tip of his cock. "Rub it" he said. I started to rub it and he stroked his. He again put his left hand under his balls, and from this close I could see he was rubbing his asshole with a finger. He just stared right at me and said "I want you to keep your eyes open and look right at mine, no matter what happens." I said OK and saw his cock twitch. He moaned a bit and moved from one foot to the other. Without thinking about it, I took my free hand and reached out to him. The second it made contact with his penis he gasped. I started to squeeze him and he grunted and proceeded to shot a huge shot of cum at me. I went directly onto my nose and mouth and was followed by another even bigger shot that went onto my forehead. I did as directed and did not turn away. I just rubbed his cock and directed it right at me. His third shot was not as big, but this one I aimed into my now open mouth. He said "Oh" and pushed his cock towards me. I leaned up and with one swift move he was completely in me. I swirled my tongue on him as I felt his cock to all the way to the back of my mouth. He deposited a forth shot directly down my throat as I gagged a bit and tears came into my eyes. He put his hands on my head and slowly fucked my mouth, emptying all his cum into me. When he had finished, he slowly pulled out and then lifted me up towards him. Once standing, he leaned in and started to lick my face clean of any cum that had not run down me yet. I just stood there, one hand at my side, the other on my still hard cock. As he slid his tongue closer to my mouth, I felt it push at my lips and I eagerly let him in. We shared his cum in a kiss that turned passionate. When he broke the kiss he looked at my cock and said "what a lovely problem we have here, why don't we head inside and see if I can help you with it." He put his arm around me, steering me towards the door inside as his hand started to massage my ass under my pants. "Maybe I can help you earn another $20 today, If you want to come up to my bedroom for a bit." I felt his finger slide down my crack and touch my hole and my cock spurted a bit as I said "Yes Mr. V, that would be great." And that story will have to wait for another day.......
04-15-2021, at 10:44 AM

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