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How it all began.....

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How it all began.....It all started 7-8 years ago, coming home after a night out in the town and feeling horny...My shoe's left in a heap by the door and a trail of kebab meat leading up to my bedroom, I knew that my happy wank time was about to commence. As soon as I got in my room my jacket was flung onto the floor, I was humming my favourite tune as I used my toe to switch on my computer. Man I was so drunk and turned on, just looking for something hot to get me hard and to blow my load.The computer loads up and I'm already down to my boxers, sitting on my chair, one hand on cock the other on the mouse. Google > Safe Search Off. I'm scanning images or "porn", there are hot chicks, cocks, wet fanny and cum pics all over my screen. I grin a little as the blood starts pumping and my cock gets bigger, it gets so big and hard it actually hurts a little. I get up and turn to my mirrored wardrobe, whip down my boxers and have a look at the b**st in full rage, it's impressive. I have a little idea so I pull up my boxers and have my cock and balls sticking out of the piss sleeve. I do up one of the buttons and now my cock is tightly gripped, it feels great, my spunk tube feels restricted. I know that as I blow it's gonna have some rage to get passed that!After looking at a few pics for 10 mins there isn't anything that immediately catches my eye, yeah there are some nice girls there but nothing mind blowing. Just all the same old girl gets pumped stuff. Then as I searched further I came across a simply stunning girl, or at least I thought it was Clicking the link takes me to a shemale website. I was confused, how could a shemale be so attractive? She was petit and beautiful, had silky brown hair, lovely tits and a body to die for. "Is this ok?" I asked myself, "to be turned on by this?". I thought what the hell, clicked on a few more of her pics and was blown away. She was just so stunning, I could feel my spunk boiling in my balls and I started to sweat a little. She had the most amazing cock too. I minimized the screen worried that might get caught, it felt naughty. Realising I was just being paranoid I maximized her screen again. WOW, I was ready for tonight. She just ticked so many boxes it would have been rude not to thrash the bad boy over her. She had a few videos but her solo vid was the most appealing to me. Just seeing her there putting on a show for me was a huge turn on. I started wanking slowly as I wanted this to last. My cock was aching, so much blood was trying to pump in it was unreal. My cock hadn't been that hard for a long time, I knew this was something special. She was full screened and the lights were low, as I was wanking away I found myself saying "oh man!" and "holy shit she is hot!" uncontrollably. The video has only been playing for about a minute, she was looking all hot and sexy with her lovely big bald cock out and I could feel myself away to blow everywhere. I had to stop, this was just too good. I wanted to keep this going as long as I could so I kept that video aside and found another of her vids in a new window. There she was with some chick going to town on her cock while she sat on a chair loving it. I pictured myself sucking on that and the thoughts were amazing, I was flowing with pre-cum and now ready to finish off. With the first vid and the new one placed side by side on screen and playing together, I started playing slowly, trying to make it last but the heat was too much. I just went for it, cum rag in one hand and my cock in the other. "Oh fuck" I moaned, as I was trying to aim into my cum rag. BOOM! I had just exploded everywhere, the orgasm was so intense I have never felt anything like it before. I was still going at it slowly to get every last sensation out of this amazing wank. Once finished I started to get my vision back, and to my surprise I had completely missed the cum rag and sprayed all over my monitor. "Whoa!" I said, "that's a bit mental!", I was actually shattered, the orgasm had sucked all the energy out of me. I went and cleaned up with a huge smile on my face. I have found something amazing, something that can be my little secret. I cleaned my browsers history and climbed into bed. I could of been doing this ages ago!That night I had the best sleep in a long time, I woke up looking at my computer.... Naughty thoughts were running through my mind. Shemale wank for breakfast? Yes please! Ever since that night I have never watched a normal porno again, it's been purely shemale magic every time
04-15-2021, at 10:44 AM

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