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My First Adult Bookstore

Post #1

My First Adult BookstoreI have lots of stories. But lately, the male, male, female, bi stories have been making me so hard. So here is one from my personal experiences. Enjoy. The first time I went in an adult bookstore, I had just turned 21. It was in Norfolk, VA, in an outdoor mall called Granby Mall. i was very self-conscious. The graphic magazines and video covers had my cock straining to break out of my shorts. I perused the aisles, looking at every genre. It was so hot. Just the fact that other people (although, most were men with only about 3 women among the couple of dozen customers) saw me in there looking at the porn, made me feel so dirty and exposed. I had never been in a place like this.Eventually, I found myself in the back of the store. I saw 2 different people enter a door in the back and I went over to look. It was a hallway with about a dozen doors with curtains over them. I went in and picked one that was open and saw a tv screen and a coin slot. I put in some quarters and porn started on the screen. My first peepshow. Soon I noticed the holes in the wall one on each side to the other booths. I had read about ?glory holes?. Being the horny young perv I had always been I peeked through. One was empty. In the other an older guy, maybe early 40s was stroking his cock. I was watching getting very hard when he saw me. He stood up and came over and slid his cock through the wall, a good eight inches. I wasn't sure what to do when I heard him whisper "suck it". I thought "no one knows me here, why not?" I wrapped my hand around it and squeezed it. I heard him moan and he pushed it further through the hole. I took the head in my mouth and ran my tongue around it before taking it deeper and sucking him like I liked being sucked. This wasn't my first cock. I had 2 older cousins that had taught me how to suck cock when we spent the night together before I left home and got out on my own. He moaned a little louder and I could taste is pre-cum. I sucked him deeper and worked my way up and down. trying to make him moan some more. It was really turning me on. I was hard as a rock as he started moving his hips fucking my mouth while I sucked him. In a couple more minutes, he exploded in my mouth. His cum tasted good, salty and slightly sweet. I swallowed and swallowed he must have squirted 7 or 8 times. Finally he pulled out, zipped up and left. I sat on the seat and pulled out my cock and started playing and watching the porn. Before long, I heard someone in the next booth. You know I looked lol. It was a married cpl. He was about 40. She looked about 35 or 38. Both were good looking and sexy. I watched as they got comfortable and turned on the porn and kissed and rubbed each other. He had her blouse up sucking a nipple and his hand up her skirt, no undies. She was stroking his cock, a nice thick one, not quite as long as the one I had just sucked. They were whispering to each other when she said "you might as well come over here and get a closer look". I almost died as she turned and looked me right in the eye through the hole in the wall. I did not think they had noticed me. Now that I was caught, I immediately followed my hard-on next door. Once inside, she closed the curtain and she directed me to sit on the floor in front of them. They kept playing and she talked to me, asking me things, like "you like this?" or "does this turn you on?" as if she couldn't tell my the throbbing hard-on I now had out of my shorts and in my hand. Finally she got down next to me and swallowed her hubby's cock. she reached back and took my hands and pulled me up against her and put one of my hands on her pussy and one on her breasts. I needed no instructions. I played with her as she sucked him and rubbed my cock against her ass. After a few minutes, she pulled his cock our of her mouth and turned her head and kissed me deeply. She then pointed his cock at my lips and said "you suck it." I changed places with her and sucked his dick while she guided my head with her hand tangled in my hair. She undid my pants with her other hand and my help, making me raise up as she removed them. She got a tube from her purse (lube) and next she had her fingers in my ass. I was still rock hard. I had never had a woman watch me suck a man's cock before. It had always been my dirty little secret that I was bi. During all this still hadn't had a chance to cum. She made hubby get up and she laid back on the bench and handed him the lube. She had me get on my knees in front of her and lick her pussy, my god nothing had ever tasted that good as her tight wet pussy. I ate her till she stopped me and guided me up between her legs. Taking my 7 inch dick by the shaft, she guided it in her hot tight shaved pussy. Then her hubby lubed his cock and got behind me, She stopped me from moving so he could enter my ass. His cock was fat, but he went slowly letting me open up. When he was finally all the way in, I felt his balls pressing against mine from behind. She said she loved the expression on my face as I took him in my ass, then he started fucking me. She said ?Oh my god! Every time he slides it home in you, I can feel your dick jerk inside me!? I could also feel every time he pushed in me, he pushed me into her. It drove her crazy. She kissed me, bit me, scratched my back and humped my cock while her husband abused my tight little shaved asshole like it was a girl's pussy. Finally, she came screaming in my ear. That was all i could take, my cock exploded inside her. I must have clenched up when I came, because he suddenly felt way bigger and he slammed it in me. He leaned forward kissing my neck and I felt his breath as he moaned in my ear. He wasn't finished with me. I remained on top of his wife with my cock in her pussy as he continued to assault my tight little asshole with that fat hard cock. The harder he fucked me, the more He slammed into my prostate. I had no control over my cock which was quickly swelling again inside his wife's sexy pussy. His wife reached around and grabbed my ass cheeks. She pulled pulling my cheeks apart so he could drill me deeper and pulling me deeper into her. I lost track of time. He must have been fucking me for over a half hour when I could feel another orgasm approaching. It was all just too hot. A sexy blond older woman, with her hot tight pussy milking my dick and her fat-cocked husband abusing my ass like a slut's pussy. I came again. I came like I had never done in my life. Every time his cock bottomed out in my ass, I squirted another shot of cum inside her pussy. I felt my ass grip his cock tightly as he grunted and thrust harder into me. Then, I felt his fat cock twitching inside me as it squirted me full of cum. We all lay in that position for a few minutes, breathing hard, letting our hearts slow down, with our dicks still in each other. After several minutes, we all wiped off got dressed. I went home with them....... -Jack
04-15-2021, at 10:44 AM

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