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Extra Clean with a Happy Glow

Post #1

Extra Clean with a Happy GlowI will tell you a story of something that happened to me recently. The following is a completely, 100% true story.I have always been skeptical about women masturbating with streams of water, though I have known for a long time that it's quite possible, just not common. I mean, I don't get off humping a pillow either, but some girls do. However, a few years ago I spent a couple of nights in a San Francisco hotel and it had a detachable shower head and good water pressure. I tried it, and it worked. I enjoyed it, really found it pleasurable. I was surprised.I haven't tried it since until this latest trip to San Francisco, another posh hotel (the Westin Saint Francis). The bathroom was all marble and upscale, but very small (posh but old hotel). The shower was a combination shower/tub, and had one of those large shower heads directly above that simulate rain. Nice for two people sharing a shower, or just feeling a bit luxurious.Along with the rain shower head was a small hand-held shower head. It was long and a bit squarish with a rectangular set of holes along one side for the water stream. (You can look up the arrangement I am describing by googling the "Westin St Francis Shower", you will find some photos of the setup.)My girlfriend and I had experienced a long day, lots of driving, and while being in a fancy hotel with gorgeous sheets and her naked are enough to turn me on if I was on my death bed, sex just didn't seem like it was likely to happen. We wanted to relax. And I wanted a shower. So I stripped down to my undies, and stepped into the bathroom. There I discarded my undies and stepped into the shower.The water got hot quickly but I didn't want to wash my hair and have to dry it, and thought I would avoid getting it wet, so I didn't want to use the rain-style shower above. I was a bit cold and turned that water on nice and warm and took the hand held and started moving it around my body, first the left shoulder, then the right, then the back, the breasts, stomach, back up, back and forth. The purpose of these movements were simply to move the hot water around to various areas of my body.The hot water felt fantastic.The hand held shower head had strong, good water pressure, with a powerful, concentrated stream and as I stroked the water across my stomach and down, I remembered my experience before and thought... if ever I was going to get off on a stream of water, this is it.So I parted my legs very slightly and slid the shower head down there and directed the stream at my pussy.Weeeelllll yeah... I could immediately tell this was as good as any vibrator I had ever used. I didn't want to get the water rammed up my vagina or my urethra, so held it back maybe a foot from my body. Even there it was a strong, concentrated stream of water that penetrated, spread my pussy lips and surrounding flesh, reached cavities and corners and in general felt very interesting when pointed down there. It was massaging my entire pussy with a set of individual strong jets of water.After a moment of letting this happen I moved the shower head back up, having experimented and enjoyed, proven to myself it felt good, I continued warming and washing my body in other areas.And came back. It felt good, yanno? I wanted to do it again. So I sprayed myself between the legs for another 30 seconds or so, let it stretch to a minute, then moved it back up to warm the rest of my body again.Well, my body missed the feeling of that damn shower head on my pussy, and I found myself migrating down there again, spreading my legs a bit more, using my other hand to open the folds of flesh for more direct access, and saying to hell with worrying about whether the water would head up inside me. It felt too good.I mean, it felt good enough I was really surprised by the intensity of it. Like a vibrator turned up full. The hot water was perfect, the hard stream of water massaged my clit, and I moved the head closer in. Surprise! It changed the sensation, made it more intense. And the movement had a sort of massaging action.I moved the shower head back and forth some more, and found myself closing my eyes so I could concentrate on the sensations between my legs.My legs had spread just a bit further and the shower head was now moving in and out, back and forth, and occasionally up and down. Fuck, it was working. The high water pressure actually created an intense stimulation and I couldn't hold it on my clit constantly, which is why I had started moving it around in the first place and the movement just changed the sensations and created more intense arousal.I stood in that shower, dripping wet, the shower head pointing up between my legs and I felt something. It came as a surprise. I remember clearly thinking, *oh my fucking god I am going to cum*. It hadn't been in my mind when I started the shower. It hadn't crossed my mind when I put the shower head between my legs the first time. In fact, it never crossed my mind at all until it was almost there and I knew it could happen and would happen if I kept going.I remember my mind flashing for a moment on my girlfriend in the other room. She was mostly naked when I left her and the thought of her felt sort of arousing and comfortable, but I also thought for an instant, 'what is she going to think if I have an orgasm in the bathroom without her'?'She doesn't have to know', I found myself thinking, and then all thoughts focused on the slowly moving vibrations of water and within seconds I climaxed. My eyes were closed, my hips were pushed forward slightly, legs apart, right hand holding the shower head, left hand... I am not sure where. Either spreading my lips or on my breast pinching nipples, which I do sometimes, u*********sly, when masturbating. I don't remember.But I came. The orgasm flowed over me, warmth and peace and pleasure and intense well being and I was breathing hard and the water kept going... It was an intense climax. I was standing in the shower and found it a bit hard to keep standing as my body shook with the orgasm.When the warm pleasure of orgasm had passed I kept the water on me for a bit, but the feeling was too intense so I moved it up to my shoulders (which I realized had become cold now).I finished my shower, dried off, and returned to my girlfriend with a somewhat mysterious, happy glow. Once again, I can attest to the fact that if the water pressure is strong enough and the shower head stream powerful and focused... it's as good as any vibrator. And both times I've masturbated with a shower head have been in hotels in San Francisco guess I am going to have to buy one for my home too!
04-15-2021, at 10:44 AM

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