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Training Sissygirl- part 3

Post #1

Training Sissygirl- part 3Sissygirl stood, shaking a little as the tall and well-built males crowded about her soft and vulnerable body, the scent of their glistening cocks making the poor t-girl delirious; she knew she had no choice but to strip. The men stroked their cocks as the pretty sissy meekly began to remove her clothes, her top off; they all ogled her soft white hairless arms and pretty neck. She blushed sweetly as her little bra came off, revealing her exquisite firm little round breasts, her little pink nipple stiff with excitement and anticipation. She trembled and her knees buckled slightly as the realisation that she was just as scared as excited set in; she hesitated in removing her panties as the exposed cocks around her stiffened at what was to come. Jim slapped her face smartly.?Get those panties off immediately you slut!? Sissygirl was now scared, bewildered and erotically charged all at the same time; the men sneered as tears rolled down her cheek, now reddened by the hand of Jim; his cock was dribbling and wanted relief. The scent of the cocks was now driving Sissygirl mad; Jims was erect and ready, she wanted to suck on it so badly. Some of the men were close to coming as the pretty t-girl rolled the soft white silky panties down her equally silky thighs; they sneered and laughed at her, as her little pink sissy cock sprang up when released from the confinement of her panties. Her little cock dwarfed by the rampant members on display; oh how that would hurt her sweet bottom! As she slipped the panties off her dainty feet, one of the males grabbed them like an a****l, sniffed at the sweet scent, grunted and shot wads of hot spunk all over Sissygirls legs.The crowd moved to one side as a small but tall table was brought over; two of the smiling men had lengths of cord, which frightened her; what were they going to do?Sissygirl was made to lie on the table; her little cock made to hang over the edge as her ankles and wrists were tied to the table legs; her sweet bottom exposed and ready to be serviced. She whimpered at her predicament because she now knew she would be thoroughly used and abused; the eroticism induced by her absolute submissiveness made her little cock stiff and dribble sticky pre-cum. She gasped as the tongue of one of the males gratefully licked the sweet nectar from her excited little bell-end. Oh how she wanted to come now! She wriggled in sheer ecstasy at the situation; she was bound and helpless in a room full of rampant cocks; she would be covered in semen, inside and out before she knew it. She was in sissy heaven.Jim went to her rear; his cock bobbing rigidly as he viewed the bound and helpless Sissygirl; her soft white bottom and little pink cock quivering with excitement as she squirmed against the tension of her bonds. He announced that he and the host Frank would initiate the proceedings. The men all cheered at this and then went silent, their cocks stiffly awaiting their turn for relief. Sissygirl moaned audibly as Jim parted those soft cheeks for the first time, allowing the cold air onto her pulsing anus; the sight of the sweet little brown eye had all cocks bobbing eagerly. Jim bent and sniffed at his prize for the first time, then licked long and hard at the inviting boi-pussy.Sissygirls little cock was rock hard as her anus was licked lovingly for the first time. One of the other males caught her eye but did not smile; he looked seriously at her, before producing a wicked cane which he flexed in his strong hands. Sissygirl wanted that cane so much; as the tongue of her owner probed deep in her hot little arse, she wanted to be thrashed and humiliated too, but how she wanted to squirt her milk too!Suddenly the licking stopped; her arse was nicely lubricated now; she quivered with excitement as she felt Jim move between her legs, and then there it was! Oh the pain! Sissygirl squealed and the men cheered as Jim eased his cock, on and on, into the tightness of that delicious little pussy. She could have not imagined the exquisite mixture of pain and pleasure as he forced his bulbous bell-end into her virgin bottom; her eyes watered and she sobbed, much to the pleasure of the eager crowd of cocks, as Jim smiled with pleasure as he thoroughly enjoyed the tightness all along the length of his rigid cock. Sissygirls little cock was fit to burst now, as she felt herself being fucked for the first time; she eyed the man with the cane, oh how she deserved that now, she was a slut! As she whimpered Frank stepped forward, his glistening and smelly bell-end presented to Sissygirl?s nose.?I?ll stop you whimpering! You?ll sample my cream now.? And the men laughed as he pinched her little nose and eased his rampant cock between the open lips of the sissy. She only gagged a little a she sucked willingly on the large purple bell-end and spluttered as she tried to take in his large length and girth. Her little cock pulsed with pleasure as she relished being a bound bitch; Jim was moaning now as he stroked back and forth in her tight bottom, Frank moaned too as her hot little mouth sucked on his tool like there was no tomorrow; she squirmed against the bonds, felt the pain of being fucked, felt the leering humiliation as her mouth engorged the stiff member, and viewed that cane which promised her so much pain.Sissygirl went rigid, her torso slapping the table, and the men cheered as her sweet little sissy cock spurted hot cream in a ?hands-free? orgasm for the first time. The erotic sight meant Jim could hold back no longer; he grunted in ecstasy as he filled the sissy?s pussy with his seed for the first time. At the other end, Frank exploded in perfect sweet divine pleasure as Sissygirl gulped and choked on the hot cream, still mid-orgasm herself, she was in complete and utter submissive heaven. And her day had just begun?
04-15-2021, at 10:44 AM

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