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My Wife and the Glory Hole

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My Wife and the Glory HoleMy wife Sara and I were out celebrating our f******nthanniversary. She was 36 at the time and I 37. We had noset plans and decided to begin with dinner at a nicerestaurant. We finished both our dinner and the pitcherof margaritas we ordered. Upon leaving decided thatneither of us should be driving. Instead we decided towalk around the city.Several blocks away, we came across an adultarcade/bookstore and I k**ded her about going inside.She had never been in one and was curious to see what itwas like. Who was I to stop her? The store was rathercrowded with about a dozen men and two other couples.Everyone looked fairly normal. Most of the single menwere looking at magazines and rental movies.Sensing her nervousness, we joined the other couples inthe rather tame section containing lotion, novelties andcards. Before long we boldly moved to the sectioncontaining the vibrators and ****** were she marveled atthe variety of designs and sizes. It was incrediblyerotic watching Sara in front of so many strangersexamining the large rubber ******. By the look in hereyes and deep concentration, I could only imagine whatwas going on in her mind. I'm sure she was thinking whatit might be like to have the different sizes and thicknesses inside her, pleasuring her.Although extremely attractive and sexy, Sara hadn'tdated much before we married and had little sexualvariety. She had even told me that the few guys she hadslept with before we met were all smaller than me andshe couldn't imagine handling anything much bigger thanmine.I broke her concentration by nudging her towards thevideo arcade. Hand in hand, we selected a small darkunoccupied both toward the back. I locked the door andpulled her into a passionate embrace. In the darkness,we could hear sounds coming from the booths next andnear by. Most were the sounds from the videos playing ofpeople moaning during sex, but we also heard variousmuffled noises from the people in the booths.I broke off the embrace to put a few dollars in videomachine. A video of a woman being serviced by severalwell-hung men began playing. It was clear from both ofour obvious states of arousal that this was going to endup with us having sex in the booth until we were bothfully satisfied.I stood behind her letting my hands roam under herblouse, rubbing her firm breasts and rolling her nipplesbetween my fingers while she watched the woman in thevideo on her hands and knees sucking one big **** whileanother was thrusting in and out of her ****. Saraunbuttoned and removed her blouse in order to give mebetter access. She reached behind her back and fondledmy erection through my bulging jeans. She proceeded tounbuttoned
04-15-2021, at 10:44 AM

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