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The Awakening of Amy

Post #1

The Awakening of AmyChapter 1Amy had just finished a lovely meal after an evening out with a few of her work colleagues. She was in her late 20's, around 5'6" tall with long brown hair and curves in all the right places and was wearing a white top, black slacks and a light grey leather jacket. She had parked up in the opposite direction to her friends so when they left the restaurant she said goodbye to them and started the short walk back to her car alone. Even though it was around 9 pm and just starting to get dark the High Street was still very busy with all the food shops and restaurants still open. The area was well known as a big immigrant area, a mixture of mainly African, Asian and Arab origin. As she was walking she became aware of a few wolf whistles and some lewd comments directed at her. She looked around and began to feel a little uneasy when she noticed she was the only white female around and people were openly staring at her. One such person was Kasib, a nineteen year old of Pakistani origin who had just came out of the pub with a couple of friends as Amy walked by. The three youths had left school at the same time a few years ago, although Kasib was a year younger than the other two having been expelled early for hitting a teacher, and since then they had hung around together frequently getting into trouble with the police."Wow!" he said as he feasted his eyes on the brown-haired beauty, "What's a gorgeous piece of ass like that doing around here at this time of night?"Just as Amy approached a bus stop the pavement became so crowded her path was nearly blocked and her progress slowed to a crawl. Suddenly Kasib pushed past her, giving her ass a quick grope as he did, and then turned around and stood in front of her. His eyes moved down from her face to check out her athletic body and then up again to stare straight into her eyes. One hand went down to his crotch and he began stroking the bulge in his jeans. "What's a white bitch like you doing around here on your own? Looking for some action?" he snarled at her before disappearing back into the crowd. Amy began to panic and wanted to get back to her car as quickly as possible. She ran across the road dodging the traffic and could see her car less than a hundred yards away. She glanced behind and to her horror she saw the youth crossing the road but now there was another youth with him. Amy got to within twenty yards of her car when a third youth appeared in front of her blocking her way. The other two came up behind and she was completely encircled. She was just about to scream when a hand clamped over her mouth."You won't make a fucking sound if you know what's good for you," one of the youths said menacingly.They grabbed her arms and dragged her down a narrow dimly lit alley between two shops. The end of the alley opened out to a small area with back doors to two of the shops. Apart from cardboard boxes and black bin bags all full of rubbish the area was completely deserted."Let me go, please let me go" Amy pleaded as they surrounded her and moved closer and closer. Hands roamed all over her body, copping a feel of her breasts, ass and pussy. One of the youths moved up behind her and began dry humping motions, pressing his stiff cock against her rear. Another grabbed her hair and twisted her head towards his. He pinched her nose forcing her to part her lips to breathe allowing him to stick his tongue deep into her mouth. Kasib grabbed her breasts and began to knead them roughly. "Wow you sure are stacked," he said as he moved one hand down between her legs and pressed hard against her pussy "you're fucking built for sex. You come to our neighbourhood looking to get fucked, yes? You want some cock? I'm going to fuck you so hard you'll be begging me for more". He unzipped his jeans allowing his big cock to spring free. "You like the look of that bitch? You want that up your white cunt don't you?" and with that he pushed her slacks down to her ankles and tore off her flimsy white panties. The other two youths moved a couple of steps back as he spun her around and pushed her face first towards the wall, her arms reaching out above her head to stop her pretty face hitting the cold concrete. Amy felt him kick her legs apart as he moved up behind her. He gripped her hips tightly as his cock pressed up against her pussy. "Here we go you fucking white bitch!" and with one savage thrust he buried the whole length of his prick in her. "How does that feel lady? How do you like my cock up you?" He pulled back until there was only about an inch still inside her before thrusting up again. He settled into a rhythm pumping into Amy, each thrust filling her with his stiff prick. "Take this, and this!"Amy couldn't believe what was happening to her, being ****d hard by a Pakistani teenager while his friends watched. She figured the quickest way to get this over with was just to let them do what they wanted and then get out of there as quickly as possible. Her eyes were closed and her arms hung limply by her sides, but already she was starting to feel a little tingling inside her. After a couple of minutes fucking her, he stopped thrusting into Amy, reached up under her leather jacket and grasped her breasts again."What a fucking body. You need my cock up you every day," he said as he began to fuck her again, long powerful strokes feeding his prick deep inside her. His hands gripped her breasts tightly as he continued to piston in and out, his thrusts becoming faster and faster. The other youths were shouting encouragement."Come on Kasib give it to her, breed that white bitch." "That's it Kas stick it right up her, she's fucking loving it.""Is that right lady? Do love the feel of a big prick in your cunt?" She fought again it but the pleasure he was giving her body was making that harder and harder. Gradually her breathing became ragged and her hips involuntarily began to push back against his thrusts. He leant forward and whispered in her ear "I fucking knew you wanted it!"Her head started to roll from side to side as the pleasure she was feeling increased more and more. That was enough for him to power into her even faster, each thrust almost lifting Amy off her feet. She screamed as a massive orgasm ran through her shaking body but Kasib was showing no signs of slowing down, continuing to power into Amy giving her the fuck of her life, deeper than she had ever experienced before. Finally, after another four or five minutes of pistoning into the brown-haired beauty he felt his own orgasm close."Nearly there lady. Going to fill you up with my cum." He moved his hands down from her breasts to her hips locking her in place on his cock. "Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Here it comes bitch. Aaarrghhh!" he yelled as his hot seed exploded into her cunt. "I told you you'd fucking love it." he said to her triumphantly. He pulled out of Amy allowing her satisfied body to fall to the ground and smiled to the other youths, "That's how to treat a white bitch, they act so superior but all they want is some cock up them. You see, she'll be back for more after that." He zipped his jeans back up and the three of them walked back towards the High Street leaving Amy all alone.Minutes passed as Amy recovered from the pounding she had just received. Confusing thoughts were swirling around in her head as she got up off the cold floor, her slacks still bunched round her ankles. The sane and logical part of her was disgusted at what had just happened, how she had been taken, and taken hard, by a Pakistani teenager, and how they thought of her as just a white bitch who was in the area to get a big cock up her. But the wild part of her remembered the wonderful feelings the youth had given her as he fucked her roughly, and wondered why her whole body was still tingling with excitement.As Amy pulled her slacks back up she heard footsteps from the alley and saw the silhouette of someone approaching. The shadowy figure moved nearer and nearer until finally she recognised who it was. "Oh god no, it can't be!" she exclaimed, "Stay away from me".There was no sign of his two friends but the youth who had given her the fucking of her life just a few minutes ago had returned. She backed away as Kasib advanced towards her but soon found herself trapped against the wall. He looked at the brown-haired beauty taking in her pretty face with brown eyes and pouting lips, her full round breasts, narrow waist and strong hips. "Lady, you really are built to fuck," he said, the raw lust for this white beauty clearly showing in his voice. "You should be getting it all day and all night." He moved close, real close, until their bodies were just a few inches apart and looked right into her eyes. "I know you loved getting fucked, my cock pounding deep inside you. You want it again don't you? You want me to ram my prick up your cunt. Go on say it!""Please no, not again!" Amy pleaded."Say it! Say you need my cock up your white cunt," he challenged her. "Say you want me to fuck the living daylights out of you. Come on say it""No, no. I don't. I can't," Amy said but her voice was by now rather lacking in conviction.Kasib grabbed a handful of her long brown hair and held her head still as his lips crushed down on hers. His other hand slipped under her leather jacket and grasped a full round breast. Suddenly he let go of her hair and moved his hand down inside the front of her slacks until it was finally resting on her pussy. Two fingers found their way into her hot cunt and began a steady back and forth motion.Amy let out an involuntary gasp as he rammed his fingers deeper into her and it wasn't long before his actions started to have the desired effect. The pleasure she was getting from his hand kneading her breast and especially his fingers working her cunt was just too much. The wild part of Amy had won and all she wanted was that cock back inside her. She wanted him to fuck her like he did before."Oh god yes, I need it so bad!" she said, throwing her arms around his neck and kissing him back, her tongue darting into his mouth. "Give it to me, Fill my white cunt with your cock. Fuck me, fuck me hard" she pleaded.Kasib smiled knowing his prick would soon be buried deep in the brown-haired beauty again. "I told you earlier that once I'd fucked you you'd be begging for more. You can't get enough of my cock now can you?"He moved both hands to her ass and pulled her into him, grinding the bulge in his jeans against her pussy. His hands roamed all over her fantastic body, from her ass, up her back, around to her breasts and back down to her ass again. After a few minutes Kasib pulled away and taking hold of her elbow guided Amy over to the pile of black bin bags in the far corner of the yard. He pushed her down so she was lying on her back and then pulled off her slacks, throwing them against the wall.He stared down at the gorgeous figure beneath him as he unzipped his jeans and pulled them down allowing his rock hard prick to spring free. "Take a look at that cock lady. That's going to fill your lovely white pussy. I'm going to fuck you so good." With that he laid down on top of her, shoved his prick straight up her wet cunt and began thrusting in and out. No foreplay, just raw a****l fucking."Aaarrghhh! That's it, that's it!!" Amy screamed. "Feed that big prick into me." Her legs opened wider and wrapped round his back allowing him to go just that little bit deeper into her. He pumped Amy with long hard thrusts, each one seemingly threatening to split her in two, and as he did he looked down into her eyes knowing that he'd broken her, that this white beauty was now his. He pistoned into her harder and harder but she gave as good as she got, arching her hips up to meet each of his thrusts."Fuck lady, you're good," Kasib panted, "I'm going to be up your white cunt every fucking day from now on." With that he grabbed her arms, held them above her head and ploughed into her faster and faster. "Yes, yes, yes. Fuck me!" she begged him. "Fuck that cock into me." The stunning brown-haired beauty was on the verge of another orgasm. Her hips were thrusting up at him faster than ever before and her head was rolling from side to side. Amy screamed in ecstasy as wave after wave of pleasure fired through her jerking body. Then slowly, very slowly, the intense feelings of sexual fulfilment subsided and her body went limp.As he continued to pummel his cock into her Kasib looked down at Amy and grinned victoriously. She was panting gently, her eyes were closed and her fantastic body was lying motionless beneath him, fucked to sexual exhaustion by the Pakistani teenager.Kasib felt the first tingling signs in his cock that his own orgasm was approaching. He let go of her arms, moved his hands under her body and grabbed her ass, holding her tight as be began thrusting harder and harder into her. His cock exploded and fired jets of hot sticky cum deep into her cunt, emptying the entire contents of his balls up her in what seemed an endless stream. Finally satisfied he pulled out of her, stood up and pulled his jeans back on."Wow! You're a fucking sex machine. You're the best I've ever had." he smiled down at Amy, still lying on the black bin bags in a sexual haze from the wonderful fuck she had just received. He bent down and slipped a hand under her leather jacket and white top, He moved up across her flat stomach and pushed her bra out of the way so he could feel her full round breasts. Kasib bent down and kissed her, his tongue forcing her lips apart and exploring deep into her mouth but just as she was starting to respond he broke the kiss and stood up."Remember what I said when you first saw me earlier?" he said, "What's a white bitch like you doing around here? You looking for some action? Be here at the same time tomorrow and I'll make sure you get all the action you can handle."Before Amy had chance to say anything he had disappeared back down the alley and into the High Street. She took a couple of minutes to collect her senses and then got up, adjusted her bra and pulled her slacks back on. The well fucked white beauty walked unsteadily down the alley to her car wondering what tomorrow would bring.Chapter 2Amy had been in a daze all day with conflicting thoughts running around in her head as she remembered what happened to her the previous evening. How she had been roughly ****d in a dark alley by a Pakistani teenager watched by two of his friends and how her body had started to respond to his big cock deep inside her. How when he returned to fuck her again she quickly became willing and enjoyed the thorough going over he gave her.A part of her was disgusted at what had taken place. Why had it happened to her? All she had done was go out for a meal with her work colleagues. She hadn't flirted or teased anyone. She had done nothing to provoke the **** apart from being a beautiful white woman in the wrong place at the wrong time.However she also remembered the wonderful sensations as the teenager fed his big cock into her and how she had been penetrated deeper than ever before. She remembered the fantastic orgasms running through her body like bolts of electricity as he filled her cunt with his prick. Sure she'd had plenty of lovers before as with her gorgeous looks and great body guys were always hitting on her, but all her previous boyfriends had made love to her. Yesterday was different. Kasib hadn't made love to her, he had ****d her, fucking her harder and rougher than she'd ever been fucked before. And she had loved it.Towards the end of the afternoon Amy was sitting at her desk in her office replaying in her mind the events of the previous evening as she had done countless times before that day and just as all the other times she felt tingling sensations run through her body. She closed her eyes and leant back in her chair. One hand slipped under the top of her loose fitting blouse and cupped her breast, the other moved down under her desk and hitched her skirt up. Her panties were already soaking wet as her fingers found her pussy and without hesitation plunged into her cunt."Yes, Yes! That's it! Fuck me! Fuck me!" she moaned quietly as she pictured Kasib deep inside her again. "Give it to me! Fill me up with your big prick!"Her tongue circled her lips as her head rolled from side to side. Her hips arched up off the chair to meet the thrusts of the imaginary cock fucking her. "Oooh! I'm coming! I'm coming!" she gasped as an orgasm raked through her quivering body. "So good! So good!"As the wonderful sensations subsided she came back to her senses and quickly straightened her clothing. One thing was now totally clear to Amy. What happened yesterday had awakened her previously suppressed sexual desires and she was desperate to feel a big cock deep inside her again. She wanted to be taken roughly, fucked hard, and didn't care if she was thought of as just a piece of white meat to be used whenever anyone felt like it.That's why a few minutes before 9pm that evening, just as Kasib had told her to, the stunning brown haired beauty parked her car and walked towards the alley where she had been royally screwed by the Pakistani teenager less than twenty-four hours previously.For the next ten minutes Amy wandered up and down the busy High Street scanning the crowd for Kasib but there was no sign of him. She was aware of the looks she was getting from some of the men and how they were mentally undressing her with their leering stares. Unlike yesterday however she didn't feel uneasy about the attention she was getting, in fact she was becoming turned on by it. She loved how, without even trying, she was the object of their sexual desires. She smiled to herself as little did they know if she couldn't find the Pakistani teenager soon anyone daring enough to try anything could probably have fucked her there and then.Although Amy couldn't find Kasib he had been watching her ever since she got out of her car. He was sitting at a window table in a cafe just two doors up from the alleyway. The café was south facing and to stop the sun shining in too strongly had tinted windows which acted similar to a one-way mirror. Although you could see out ok it was difficult to see in so even though he was only a few yards away she wasn't aware of his presence. The teenager felt his cock stiffen as looked her up and down. She was wearing a baggy navy hoodie, zipped at the front, a black skirt which reached down to mid-thigh, and her long brown hair was tied in a pony-tail. She was just as gorgeous as he remembered from yesterday and oozed sex appeal."Okay lady, you're about to get another good fucking" he thought to himself as he got up and walked outside.Amy was still searching the High Street for Kasib as moved up behind her. His hands gripped her hips as he pressed hard up against her, grinding his groin into her ass."So you're back for more of my cock up you? You didn't get enough yesterday?" he whispered in her ear, "I told you once I'd fucked you you'd be back for more!"She let out a little moan, pleased that the teenager had turned up and knowing that her need for a big cock shafting her was soon to be satisfied. "Yes, I want you deep inside me again," she whispered back, "I want you to fill my cunt with your big prick and fuck me hard".She arched her back and threw her arms up behind her, locking her hands around the back of his head. As she did so the hoodie tightened up over her breasts and exposed an inch or two of bare midriff.Kasibs initial urge was to immediately drag the stunning brown-haired beauty back down the alley and give her the hard fuck she wanted, but he had another idea. He would fuck her in due course, but first he was going to show her off like a trophy. He was going let everyone in the High Street know that a Pakistani teenager had a beautiful white woman addicted to his cock. Indeed there were already a number of men watching the couple and all wishing they were in his place with their stiff pricks grinding into her ass.His hands left her hips and began to explore her athletic body. One hand circled round to her caress her stomach, her skin smooth and soft to his touch, then gradually moved lower under the elasticated waistband of her skirt and inched down towards her pussy. His other hand reached up to the top of her hoodie and very slowly pulled the zip down enough to allow his hand to slip inside and move down towards her breasts. Kasib was in for a double surprise as his hands reached their targets. No panties, no bra, nothing but bare skin. His hand was all over her firm full breasts, kneading them roughly and tweaking her erect nipples, while lower down he slipped a couple of fingers into her wet cunt bringing a gasp from Amy.By now there must have been around twenty men circled around the couple watching the show. Some of them were rubbing the hard bulges in their trousers. All of them wanted to swap places with Kasib, imagining it was their hands exploring her fabulous body. They watched him continue to grind his groin against her ass. They watched his arm disappear inside her hoodie and saw the material billow out as his hand groped her breasts. They watched the movement under her skirt as his fingers motioned in and out of her cunt. Finally they watched her body jerk and heard her scream with pleasure as the gorgeous white woman was brought to orgasm by the Pakistani teenager."Okay time to give you what you want." he whispered to her. "Time for you to take a big cock up your tight white cunt."He took her hand and led the brown-haired beauty back down the alley where he had ****d her yesterday. Today however she was more than willing and felt the excitement building in her body knowing he'd shortly be fucking her again. The dimly lit area at the end of the alley seemed a little bigger this evening as the cardboard boxes and black bin bags had been cleared away, but it still had a cold unfriendly feel to it.Kasib pushed Amy back against the far wall and immediately pressed his body up against her. He grabbed her pony-tail holding her head still as his mouth clamped down on hers. She responded immediately by throwing her arms around his neck pulling him even tighter onto her and at the same time parted her lips and speared her tongue deep into his mouth. He released his hold on her pony-tail freeing his hands to roam all over her body, over her magnificent breasts, narrow waist, full hips and tight round ass, and then moved one hand to the front of her hoodie and pulled the zip right down. A chill ran through Amy as he pulled her hoodie open allowing the cool evening air to sweep over her exposed body, but that feeling soon disappeared as she felt his warm hands cupping and squeezing her bare breasts. And all the time their mouths remained locked together, tongues duelling passionately.The brown-haired beauty was enjoying the feel of the teenagers' hands all over her body but more than anything she wanted the feel of him deep inside her, she wanted to be fucked and fucked hard.Reluctantly she tore her lips away from his and pleaded with him, "Come on, give it to me! Fill me up with your big cock!"She was immediately rewarded by the sound of a zip being pulled down as Kasib freed his stiff prick from the confines of his jeans. He pushed his left arm between her legs and lifted her right leg up as high as it could go, her skirt rucking up around her waist. Seconds later his cock was rubbing against her pussy and then with one quick upward movement of his hips he buried the whole length of his cock up her soaking wet cunt."Aargh! It's so big!" Amy screamed as he began pistoning into her with long powerful strokes, "Yes, yes, yes! That's it! Fuck me! Fuck me hard!"He looked deep into her brown eyes and said, "How does that feel lady? How does it feel to have me up your tight white cunt? Tell me how much you want it!""God I love it!" she replied, "Stuff me with your big cock! Ram it up me!"They were so engrossed in their fucking that neither of them noticed they had an audience. Hidden in the darkness of unlit part of the alley some of the men who were watching the couple a few minutes earlier in the High Street had followed them hoping to see the gorgeous white woman get nailed by the Pakistani teenager. And they weren't disappointed as they saw him power into Amy. A couple of them were busy stroking their exposed pricks, imagining what it would be like if it was them deep inside her and what they were going to do to the stunning brown-haired beauty when Kasib had finished with her."Oh yes! Yes! Fill me up with your prick!" she cried, tingling sensations running through her whole body as the teenager continued to drive his cock into her tight white cunt."You fucking love it don't you." he responded, "You love the feel of my prick inside you. Tell me how badly you need to be fucked!""Yes, yes, you bastard, I need it so bad. Drill that cock up me!"Her words spurred him on to give her the fucking of her life. He was determined to make this gorgeous white woman want to keep coming back for more and began to power into Amy faster and faster, burying himself deep inside her. He glanced down to see her lovely breasts bounce up and down with each savage thrust and it wasn't long before he felt her body jerk against his as she came for the second time that evening.Kasib pushed his right arm between her legs and raised her left leg lifting her off the ground completely, her body supported by his hands on the cheeks of her ass and her legs spread wide allowing the teenager easy access to her cunt. He continued to pound into her as hard and deep as he could, driving her back into the wall. She screamed with pleasure and her body quivered as multiple orgasms shot through her like bolts of electricity.For what seemed like forever to Amy he slammed his big cock deep inside her producing wonderful sensations which threatened to overwhelm her senses, but her mind was still just clear enough to realise she was getting was the best fuck of her life, even better than yesterday. Kasib was thinking similar thoughts, that this exquisite white beauty was the best he had ever had. He loved her pretty face and long brown hair, he loved her superb athletic body and he loved the way she enjoyed a good hard fuck."God you're amazing," he said as he relentlessly hammered his prick up her, "You're just built for fucking!"Kasib felt a stirring in his balls and realising that his orgasm was not too far away pistoned into her with even greater intensity. Seconds later he gave one last thrust and held his prick deep inside her as he began to spew a seemingly never-ending hot stream of cum into the depths of her cunt. The sensation of his hot seed filling her was too much for Amy and she screamed wildly as yet another orgasm coursed through her trembling body. The couple clung to each other for a minute or two as they slowly came off their sexual highs before Kasib finally withdrew his softening prick from her and lowered her to the ground. Amy slumped back against the wall, eyes closed, unable to even talk after being so thoroughly fucked."Wow! That was amazing," he said as he ran his hand gently over her cheek, "you really are something else."As Kasib pulled his jeans back on he heard a noise in the alley. Turning round he saw half a dozen men appear from the shadows, their cocks out and carnal lust etched all over their faces. Amy quickly zipped up her hoodie and straightened her skirt as they slowly edged closer. Yesterday he would have let the men do as they pleased with her and would probably even have watched her get gang-fucked, but tonight he had other plans for the brown-haired beauty."Take my hand and hold on to me," he said to Amy and started edging down the alley. One of the men moved to block their path but Kasib gave him a strong shove in the chest, sending him crashing back against the wall and the others decided not to mess with the well-built youth, offering no resistance as he pushed past them. They were determined however to get a little satisfaction out of the situation and Amy felt hands roaming all over her fabulous body as she stepped past them. They grabbed at her breasts and ass and tried to get under her skirt but Kasib continued guiding her down the alley and seconds later the couple reached the safety of the High Street."Come on let's grab a coffee," he said slipping a hand round her waist as they walked the few yards back to the café where Kasib had watched her from earlier and couldn't resist moving his hand lower to have a quick feel of her lovely tight ass as she walked through the door.They picked up their drinks and sat down opposite each other at a table towards the rear of the empty café, Kasib facing towards the window. Anyone seeing them together engaged in small talk and exchanging names and phone numbers would have thought them an odd couple. Amy a beautiful white woman in her late twenties with a well-paid job in the city and Kasib a nineteen year old Pakistani youth frequently in trouble with the police. They didn't have much in common apart from one thing, their mutual craving for hard rough sex, and that was enough for a little bond to begin to form between them. Kasib knew he wasn't good at much, but he did know he was a good cocksman. He loved preying on older white women, fucking them until they begged for more of his big prick, and that's what had happened to Amy over the last two days. He had lit an uncontrollable fire deep inside the ravishing brown-haired beauty and awakened her previously hidden sexual desires.They were already planning when and where their next fucking session was going to take place when Kasib got a phone call and after a brief conversation stood up."Sorry, got to attend to a bit of business," he said to her apologetically, "I should only be a few minutes. You'll stick around yes?"Amy looked at her watch which showed it was approaching 10pm, "Okay," she replied, "but don't be too long, I've got to go soon".He bent down and gave her a quick open mouthed kiss before disappearing out into the High Street. What she didn't know was that he was going to meet Rehzin and Jusamad, his two friends who had watched him **** Amy the previous evening.She bought another coffee and then settled down to check her E-mails She didn't hear the café door open behind her a few minutes later and the three youths slip quietly inside. She didn't hear the door close as the café owner left just as Kasib had asked him to earlier. The other two youths moved stealthily towards her table as Kasib hid behind the counter, edging closer and closer until they were within touching distance of the beautiful white woman."Hello pretty lady, remember us?" Rehzin said touching her shoulder.Amy glanced round, immediately recognising the youths from yesterday, and a feeling of alarm began to build up inside her."We heard there was a white slut hanging around looking for some cock." Jusamad sneered at her, "What's up? Didn't you get enough last night?"She tried to stand up but Rehzin increased the pressure on her shoulder pushing her firmly back down on the chair. As she started to scream he clamped a hand over her mouth, quickly stifling any sound. His other hand left her shoulder and unzipped her hoodie enough to allow him to shove his hand inside and maul her firm round breasts."Christ she's well stacked!" he exclaimed, "They feel so fucking good""Let's find out what else she's got to offer." Jusamad smiled at his friend as he reached forward and pushed his hand under her skirt. She tried to close her legs but it was too late, his hand quickly finding its target and a couple of fingers speared into her pussy and began fucking her tight cunt.From his vantage point behind the counter Kasib felt pangs of jealousy as his friends set about Amy and once he saw the rapid pumping movements of Jusamads arm under her skirt he knew her resistance would shortly crumble and their cocks would soon be buried deep inside the gorgeous white woman. Indeed almost immediately he saw her hips lift up off the chair and press back against his friends invading fingers."Well that didn't take long." Jusamad said as her cuntal juices washed over his hand, "The slut is like a bitch in heat""Mmmmm, yes! That feels so good!" Amy moaned as Rehzin released his hand from her mouth and slipped it inside her hoodie joining his other one in roughly groping her lovely breasts. The twin attack on her breasts and cunt brought Amy close to the edge as wonderful sensations began to build in her body. Finally she could stand it no longer."Oh god, somebody fuck me!" she begged, "I need it so bad!"The two youths smiled at each other as they lifted Amy to her feet and laid her on her back over the table, knowing that they were about to screw this prime piece of white ass. They unzipped their jeans allowing their stiff cocks to spring free ready to be buried deep inside the fabulous brown-haired beauty. Rehzin was first, rucking her skirt up around her waist as he positioned himself between her legs, and then slowly fed his prick into her. Inch after inch of his stiff cock invaded her juicy cunt until he was balls deep inside the hot white woman. He held her hips tightly as he began to slide in and out, slowly at first but then gradually increasing his speed until he was pumping her hard and fast.While his friend started fucking Amy, Jusamad unzipped and opened her hoodie allowing his hands free access to her luscious bare breasts, and at the same time thrust his tongue into her welcoming mouth. His whole body throbbed with uncontrollable desire as he waited for his turn to ram it his prick deep up inside her but with Rehzin showing no signs of slowing down he had to get some release somehow. He let go of her breasts took hold of her head tilting her face towards him.A look of horror appeared on her face as the tip of his cock brushed against her lips but his grip was too strong and gradually he pushed it into her mouth. Any thoughts in her mind that he wanted a simple blowjob disappeared as he suddenly heaved his hips forward and rammed his cock to the back of her throat. Amy gagged on it, gasping for air as his thick meat filled her mouth."Eat it, you bitch. Eat my cock." he ordered.He gripped the back of her head so she couldn't move and then began slamming his prick in and out, fucking her mouth just like it was a cunt.The pain from Jusamads assault on her mouth gradually subsided and she was even beginning to feel a little pleasure from the throat fucking. She was certainly getting pleasure from the cock still pounding away inside her cunt and she locked her long legs round Rehzins back, encouraging him to drive in deeper and deeper. A series of shattering orgasms ripped through her shaking body as the double assault produced feelings of sexual satisfaction inside her stronger than she'd ever experienced before.It wasn't long before she felt two loads of hot cum blast into her fabulous white body. Rehzin shot every drop of his seed deep up her cunt while Jusamad fired one stream of semen down her throat before pulling out and spraying the rest all over her pretty face."Wow! Kasib wasn't k**ding, she really is a great fuck!" said Rehzin, a satisfied smile on his face."Well move over," Jusamad replied, "I'm going to fuck this bitch so hard she won't be able to stand for a week."For the next thirty minutes the two Pakistani youths gave Amy a good going over as firstly Jusamad savagely fucked her cunt and Rehzin pumped his cock in and out of her mouth. Then they flipped her over and both took her doggie style before spraying even more cum over her face.All this time Kasib had been watching the magnificent brown-haired beauty get a thorough fucking from his friends. He kept his promise that she was all theirs and he wouldn't join in but he had been so severely tempted when Jusamad shoved his cock down her throat that he had to relieve himself by jacking off. Now they had finished with her and were sitting down recovering while Amy was still sprawled over the table, completely exhausted by the intense fucking session she had just experienced. He walked over to her and gave a little tug on her pony-tail, raising her head up from the table and even though her face was covered with cum she still looked gorgeous."How did you like my little surprise?" he asked looking deep into her brown eyes, "Did my friends do a good job? Did you like their cocks rammed into your mouth and cunt?""So good, so good" were the only words that Amy was able to utter, but a thoroughly contented smile filled her face.The three Pakistani youths high-fived each other, knowing that the stunning white woman couldn't get enough of their big cocks up her and she would soon be begging them to fuck her again.Chapter 3Amy had been back from holiday for a week now and her body was starting to crave another fucking. She had tried to contact Kasib on a number of occasions but he wasn't answering his mobile. Remembering the lust filled expressions of the Pakistani men as they watched the youth fuck her in the alley she was sure there wouldn't be any problems in finding someone to satisfy her.She knew they thought a white woman alone in their neighbourhood was fair game to them for them to fuck and she had already seen the effect her magnificent body had on them. She was tingling with excitement as she thought of what would happen if she ventured back to the High Street but she had made up her mind that that is exactly what she was going to do that evening. She didn't care if it was a bunch of youths like Kasib and his friends or a group of older men, as long she got another thorough going over.Amy knew she oozed sex appeal but she made a special effort to look good this evening. She guessed it was a waste of time wearing a bra or panties as they wouldn't be on her for very long so she just slipped on some white stockings and a matching white garter belt, together with a pair of high-heeled white shoes. Her dress was a white sleeveless wrap over type, the two sides of it held together by a bow on the left-hand side, and it showed her stunning body off to maximum effect. Her long brown hair cascaded down across her shoulders and a touch of gloss gave a wet look to her pouting lips. She finished off preparations by applying a little rouge to her cheeks and then stepped back to look at the result in her full-length mirror. The Pakistani men had lusted after her dressed casually in a baggy hoodie and skirt and her body literally shook as she thought about the effect her appearance would have on them this evening. Apart from being a beautiful mature white woman walking alone in their neighbourhood she wasn't going to give them any other encouragement and when they fucked her she wanted them to think that they were r****g her, though she knew her body would eventually give the truth away.She parked her car in just about the same place and at the same time as before. As soon as she got out her car men started to stare at her, checking out the curvaceous figure of this beautiful white woman, and a couple of them recognised her as the cock loving white slut who had been fucked in the alley a couple weeks ago. They couldn't believe that she had dared to come back to the High Street after the fucking she had got then and now she was parading herself in front of them, teasing them with her hot body.As she walked along the crowded street she felt them grab at her breasts and ass and she had to slap away a few who had tried to slip their hands inside her dress and get between her legs. She heard the men curse at her. Bitch, whore and cock tease were most popular, along with some others in Pakistani which she didn't understand. Suddenly six men grabbed Amy and dragged her down the alley where she had been ****d a couple of weeks ago."So the cock teasing slut didn't get enough fucking last time did she?" one of them said. "Well let's see how you like this."They were so impatient to **** this gorgeous white woman that just a few yards into the alley she was pushed roughly against a wall. While two of them held her wrists the man who spoke to her gave a sharp tug to the front of her dress. The bow immediately gave way allowing the dress to swing open and reveal her near naked body."Look at that, she's come ready to be fucked." as he pushed a hand between her legs feeling how wet she was down there. "Wow, the slut is soaking wet, she wants it all right."He didn't waste any time and without any foreplay he forced her legs apart and shoved his prick into her. She gasped as she felt his cock hammer into her while hands took possession of her breasts and groped them roughly. The man loved the way despite all the cocks she'd taken her cunt still felt nice and tight around his prick. He reached round and grabbed her ass, pulling her a little tighter against him and allowing him to go even deeper inside her. Amy's body shook as an orgasm hit her much to the delight of the man r****g the brown haired beauty."You fucking love this don't you?" he said as he felt her body tremble. "That's why you came back isn't it? To get gang ****d again,"She didn't say anything but smiled to herself. This man thought he was r****g her and didn't realise she was actually loving the way she was being taken.He thrust in a few more times before holding his prick deep inside her and filling her cunt with his cum. No sooner than he had pulled out than another man moved in and started r****g the gorgeous white woman. After a few minutes he too shot his seed into her before the third man took his turn between her legs. He was rougher than the other two pile driving his cock into her as if it was a weapon, determined to get as much enjoyment as he could from fucking her stunning body.Amy was in heaven as this Pakistani man gave her two more orgasms before filling his hot cum into the gorgeous woman. He pulled out allowing the other three men to fuck her. As soon as the last one felt his climax approach he pushed her down on her knees and shot stream after stream of cum all over her pretty face. Having finished using the gorgeous white woman they returned to the High Street leaving Amy in a dishevelled state in the alley, on her knees with her dress pulled wide apart and cum all over her face.Before she even had chance to get up ten more men burst into the alley and dragged Amy onto the bin bags. They had heard that a few of their friends had just ****d a white woman and were determined to have their go at her. Her arms hung loosely by her sides as one of the men started fucking her, cheered on by the rest of the group."That's it. Fuck her. Fuck the white bitch.""Give it to her. Teach her not to be such a cock tease.""Fuck her harder, the slut loves it rough."He grabbed one of her legs and threw it over his shoulder so that he could drive his cock deeper into the brown haired beauty, pistoning into her like he was using a pneumatic drill. Amy's body shook as an orgasm hit her quickly followed by second as the man drove his prick right up against her cervix. A few seconds later she felt his hot cum inside her and then it was another man's turn to fuck her. He didn't last very long and was quickly replaced by third man, then a fourth. Two of the men got impatient and took it in turns to ram their pricks into her mouth and down her throat. The next man to mount her drove his prick up her ass and began to pile drive his cock in and out of her rear channel. She would have screamed but her mouth was also full of cock. The Pakistani men couldn't get enough of her stunning body as they continued the gang **** of the beautiful white woman. They hammered into her relentlessly, shooting jet after jet of their hot seed deep inside her."That's it, breed that white bitch. Give the whore a Pakistani baby like she wants."The men started to be a bit more creative now, shifting her into different positions as they fucked her. She felt pricks shoved up her cunt, ass and down her throat as they took her on her back, on her hands and knees, and from behind lying on her side holding one leg high up into the air. By now they had all fucked Amy in every hole but were still continuing to **** the brown haired beauty. They were determined to teach her a lesson, to teach her not to come into their neighbourhood and tease them with her hot body.She laid back and let the Pakistani men use her as they wanted. She had no control over the numerous orgasms which by now rocked almost continuously through her body but otherwise gave no signs of how much she was actually enjoying the fucking they were giving her. They all thought they were gang r****g a cock teasing white slut and little did they know how much she was loving it, enjoying how they were relentlessly pounding their cocks into her luscious body.They pushed her face down on the bin bags and one of the men climbed on top of her and straight away shoved his prick all the way up her ass. She screamed at the sudden invasion but they were quickly muffled as a hand clamped over her mouth. He thrust in and out as he reamed her ass mercilessly, using his cock like a weapon as he furiously drove it up her rear channel. He didn't last much longer and soon another man replaced him, followed by third and a fourth, all drilling their cocks into her ass as if they were trying to destroy it.The next group of men switched back to her cunt, taking it in turns to plough into the gorgeous white woman and then fill her up with their hot seed. The final couple of men were greedy, fucking her in both the ass and cunt as they finished their violation of her stunning body. Finally they shot their cum into her and she collapsed back down onto the bin bags, completely exhausted by the savage fucking the men had given her. They stepped back and taking the last look at the gorgeous white woman they had just gang ****d, walked back out into the High Street satisfied they had taught the bitch a lesson she would never forget. Finally Amy was left alone, cum leaking from all her holes and her well satisfied body aching from the ravishment she had received.After taking a few minutes to pull herself together she stood up, tied her dress back up again and tried to wipe as much cum as she could from her face. She left the alley and started walking back down the High Street. She'd only been back in the neighbourhood for just over an hour and already sixteen different men had fucked her. That number was quickly increased to twenty-five as another group of men dragged her into a cafe, bent her face down over a table, and continued what they thought was a gang **** of the gorgeous white woman. They rucked her dress up around her waist and two men grabbed her arms and pulled her forward across the table. She felt one of the men move up behind her and lift one of her legs onto the table. Her inviting wet cunt was now easily accessible and the man lost no time in driving his prick straight into her.They followed the same routine as earlier, each one hammering into Amy for as long as he good could before shooting his cum into her and then pulling out so the next man to take their turn in fucking her magnificent body. Once they had all been inside her they queued up to fuck her again. Amy felt her dress pulled open and hands take possession of her breasts, kneading them roughly, and at same time a man shoved his prick into her mouth and down her throat. She gagged as he held his prick steady inside her, his balls pressed against her chin. She was just starting to feel like she might pass out when he began moving his cock in and out fucking her mouth like it was a cunt and this allowed her to get some much-needed oxygen into her lungs.By now most of the men had fucked her again, either in the ass or cunt, as they continued their assault on the beautiful white woman, turning her over again so she was lying on her back. One of the men quickly positioned himself between her legs and mounted her, driving his cock deep into Amy. Just as before, as soon as he shot his load up her, another man took his place, followed by another and another, her wet cunt never without a cock inside it. Finally the last man finished with the gorgeous mature woman and they stood around her, staring at the brown haired beauty lying almost motionless on the table, her majestic body and pretty face covered with their cum, and semen leaking from between her legs. They had fucked this beautiful woman to exhaustion.The men left and the cafe owner gave Amy a little time to recover before insisting she leave. She only had time to pull her dress back on before being ushered out back into the High Street, her face and hair still caked with their cum. Other men laughed at her as they watched the gorgeous woman walk unsteadily down the street, all thinking that she had just been gang ****d by some of their friends.She passed the restaurant where she'd eaten with her work colleagues a few weeks ago and just as she reached a little park, a gang of ten youths approached her. She thought that Kasib and his friends might have been among them, they looked about the same age, but didn't recognise any of them. They quickly surrounded the brown haired beauty and started feeling up her hot body. Their hands were everywhere as they pulled her dress wide open allowing the cold evening air to sweep over her body. They groped her breasts, grabbed her ass and shoved their hands between her legs pushing fingers into both her cunt and ass. Two of them held her head and gave her long open mouth kisses, forcing themselves into her mouth and sucking her tongue.Amy started moaning and her body was quickly becoming excited by the things these enthusiastic teenagers were doing to her. They dragged her into the park and pushed her down onto the grass. The gorgeous white woman found herself on her hands and knees as cocks were thrust into her at both ends. The youth in her cunt was especially rough, hammering into her as hard as he could with long savage thrusts, each one pushing the cock in her mouth further down into her throat. While they pounded into her hands reach down and grabbed her breasts, squeezing them firmly and tweaking her nipples. The youth behind her soon finished with her and was replaced by another teenager who was equally rough. His cock was a little bigger and each thrust reached right up to her cervix as she felt herself filled by this young Pakistani. It wasn't long before yet another orgasm coursed through her body."God she's a good fuck," he grunted, "such a lovely wet cunt.""You love my cock up you don't you bitch? You're a slut for Pakistani cock aren't you?"She didn't say anything but yes she did love the way he was fucking her and yes over the last couple of days she had become a slut for Pakistani cock. She had discovered the joys of hard rough sex and couldn't get enough cock up her. Although she was actually enjoying it she loved that they all thought they were r****g her, it was such a turn on.Youth after youth took it in turns to fuck her and now as well as hammering their pricks into her cunt they were also starting to ream her ass as well. They pushed her down onto her back and continued to savagely gang **** the brown haired beauty, hammering their cocks inside her as hard and deep as they could. Unlike the older men earlier they weren't fucking her to punish her, they were just fucking her because they lusted after the gorgeous white woman and wanted to get their cocks into her curvaceous body.Amy was lying on her back with her arms hanging limply beside her as they continued their ferocious assault on her body. By now as well as just drilling their pricks into her well-lubricated cunt they were grabbing her breasts and shoving their tongues into her mouth as they fucked her. She was loving the effect her stunning body was having on them and how the young Pakistanis thought they were r****g her and not realising that she actually wanted all their cocks up her.One after the other they took it in turns to hammer into the hot woman's cunt, thrusting into her hard and fast. For most of them it was the first time they'd had a beautiful mature white woman and they were so excited they couldn't hold out too long before they climaxed into her but more than made up for that by the stamina only teenagers had and they were all were able to come back and fuck her multiple times. Finally even they had been exhausted by the prolonged **** of Amy's magnificent body and one by one they finished pumping into her. Most of the group left leaving just one of them alone with the gorgeous woman.Now thirty-five Pakistani youths and men had taken the brown haired beauty that evening and her body ached so much it took her a few minutes to stagger to her feet and tie her dress up again. She didn't realise there was anybody else there and was surprised when the youth took her hand and started pulling her back out of the park and along the High Street."What are you doing? Where are we going?" Amy asked the young Pakistani who just a few minutes ago had been viciously fucking her."You'll see in a minute. Don't worry, a hot bodied bitch like you is sure to enjoy it." he sneered at her.A couple of minutes later they arrived at a big building which looked like it had started life out as a cinema. All the windows had been bricked up and there was just one flickering red neon sign above the door which gave away its current use, "Pool Hall"The youth pressed the buzzer and looked up at the CCTV camera. Seconds later they heard a loud click and the door opened. The teenager pulled Amy into the narrow entrance hall and they heard the door lock shut behind them. He then guided her through another set of doors which opened out into the main room. There were about twenty snooker tables arranged in four rows at the far end of the room, and a little bit closer about the same number of pool tables. To their right was a bar area which is also where people went to hire out the tables. That part of the room was reasonably well lit but the rest of it was dark, illuminated just by the light of the tables which were in use. The teenager went to talk to the barman while the gorgeous white woman surveyed the room. About ten of the tables were in use, some with two people playing, others with four, with around another ten people sitting in the bar area. Amy estimated that there must have been close to forty people in the room and her body shook with excitement as she realised they were all Pakistani men.The room went so quiet you could hear a pin drop as they stopped playing and stared at this gorgeous white woman who had dared to come into their Pool Hall. They took in the lovely sight of her curvaceous figure and without exception they all wanted to get their cocks inside her. To them it didn't matter if she was willing or whether they would have to gang **** her, the fact that she was here in their Pool Hall, parading herself in front of them, was enough of a green light in their eyes for them to fuck her.As they started edging towards her all the lights went out apart from one which was illuminating one of the pool tables close to the bar, like a spotlight shining on to a stage. Amy was in no doubt about what was going to happen, they were going to fuck her on the pool table. Although she had loved the feeling of all the cocks she had taken up her so far that evening she began to wonder whether taking on forty men was going to be too much for her. She thought about trying to escape but quickly realised that would be impossible as the men had already surrounded her and were less than six feet away. They stared at her with lust filled eyes imagining what they were just about to do to the stunning brown haired beauty and a few already had their cocks out.They edged closer and closer to the gorgeous white woman and then suddenly they were on her. Her dress was ripped off leaving them a clear view of her magnificent body, naked apart from the white stockings and garter belt. Amy was carried over to the pool table and the men held her arms and legs so she was lying on her back, spread-eagled on the table. She felt hands roaming all over her body, grabbing her breasts and diving between her legs, battling to see who could get their fingers up her cunt, and heard them shouting as they fought each other to see who was going to be the first to mount her and who was going to be the first to shove their pricks in her sexy mouth. She didn't know who it was, maybe the barman, but she heard someone take charge."Stop pushing everyone, you'll all get your turn. We've got all night and the cock teasing slut isn't going anywhere.""Those of you who want to use her mouth first go to the top of the table and those of you who want to feel her up move to the sides. The rest of you form a line here.""That's it, that's much better. Okay, well get started then. Go ahead and fuck the bitch."She felt cocks being rammed into her cunt and down her throat, while hands roamed over her stomach and breasts. The man fucking her throat came quickly and fired a couple of streams of hot semen into her mouth and then a couple more on her pretty face and in her hair. No sooner than he had finished when another man took his place and she felt her mouth and throat filled again. The man between her legs pulled out just in time to shoot his load all over her breasts and stomach. Another man mounted her and began hammering into her for all he was worth."Take this you cock teasing slut, and this, and this." he snarled at her as he savagely thrust his prick into her."You're not going to be able to stand when I've finished with you." he smiled down at her wickedly as he savagely powered into Amy.When he came he didn't bother pulling out, wanting to breed the bitch, and his hot cum filled the white woman's cunt. Another man mounted her, then another, and another as the Pakistani men continued the assault on her stunning body. By now two men were taking it in turns to shove their cocks down her throat, twisting her head from side to side in turn. Cum was now dripping from her battered cunt and a few of the men decided to take her in the ass instead. They reamed her rear channel hard and fast it wasn't long before cum was leaking out of her ass as well.She felt herself being turned over and stretched across the table so her breasts were flattened against the green baize. A man moved up behind her and Amy felt one of her legs being pulled up onto the table, allowing easier access to both her cunt and ass. She felt him feed his cock into her welcoming cunt and start to piston in and out of her. At the same time two more cocks were taking it in turns to fuck her mouth and throat. Hands continued to roughly grab at her breasts and also slipped under her ass. When it wasn't being used by a cock she felt fingers penetrate up her rear channel.By now nearly all the men had taken an active part in what they thought was her gang **** and were coming back to pound into her wonderful body for a second time, using all three of her holes for their own gratification. Meanwhile Amy was still loving having all the Pakistani men take her and the fact that they all thought they were r****g her turned the brown haired beauty on even more. They flipped her over onto her back again and the next batch of men continued the assault on the gorgeous white woman, drilling their Cocks into her cunt or ass and down her throat, then firing streams of cum either inside her or over her already semen caked body. She heard a cheer go up and wondered what was happening when she felt her cunt empty for the first time in ages. She looked up and saw the barman approach the table, gasping as she saw the incredible size of his erect cock. It was easily bigger than any cock she'd taken, close to twelve inches in length and really thick."You ready now to get a real fuck lady?" he said smiling down at her as he approached the table.He grabbed her hips and pulled her towards him so her ass was resting on the edge of the table. He pushed her legs wide apart and then mounted her, feeding his massive cock inch by inch into her juicy cunt. Amy gasped as she felt the size of the man invading her, stretching her like no one had ever done before. She felt his cock push hard against her cervix, filling her up completely, and still he wasn't all the way in. Her whole body tingled with pleasure and an orgasm coursed through her as the man hammered his cock into her cunt hard and fast. A second quickly followed.Though she had planned to remain passive throughout the gang **** and let them think they were fucking her against her will, the wonderful sensations this man was giving her were too much just to lie still. She started arching her back, driving her hips up to meet his thrusts, and then locked her legs up around his back, trying to see if she could get him just that little bit deeper inside her. She screamed with pleasure and her head rocked from side to side as the monster cock lit fires of desire all through her body."Oh my God, you're splitting me in two," she cried out, "It feels so wonderful. Fuck me, fuck me!"He looked down at the gorgeous white woman lying beneath him impaled on his prick, her body thrashing around as he brought her to heights of pleasure she had never experienced before. He briefly stopped his assault on her body and leaned down to whisper in her ear."Lady I know we've broken you and you're now totally addicted to Pakistani cock. I know that in the future you'll be coming back to the neighbourhood every day so we can fuck you. You can't live without our cocks.""Okay lady, you asked for it." he said to her with an evil grin on his face. "You've a body that was just built for fucking, let's see how much you like this."He reached down, grabbed her shoulders, and began ramming his cock up her again with long savage thrusts. He quickened his pace and felt her body tremble as another series of orgasms shot through her. After a couple of minutes pistoning into the brown haired beauty he pulled out and turned her over so she was lying face down on the table. He spread her ass cheeks and then placed the tip of his gigantic cock against her anus. She tried to twist away, scared that he would destroy her ass."Hold her steady," he commanded the men," she's going to enjoy this."They held her arms and he grabbed her hips firmly, locking her in place and giving her no way of escaping the anal **** she was just about to experience. Even though they were both well-lubricated he found it hard going to get past her tight anal sphincter. He pushed in harder, rotating his hips all the time, and very slowly got a little deeper into her. Finally her muscles relaxed just enough for him to feed his cock deep up her ass. She screamed and felt pain like never before as inch after inch of his massive prick invaded her rear channel and soon she had taken eight inches of his meat up her ass. Even though he was only moving in and out slowly the pain was still intense and tears were running down her cheeks.He gave her a little time to get used to his mammoth size and then began to push in a little deeper. Suddenly it felt as though he was bottoming out so he rotated his hips and changed the angle of penetration slightly. This did the trick and now he was all the way through her rectum and was pushing the tip of his prick into her colon. The pain persisted as he went deeper and deeper into her until finally she felt his balls pressing against her ass cheeks. She had taken all twelve inches of his monster cock inside her."That's it lady, I knew you could take it." he said. "Now just relax and enjoy it."As she gradually adapted to his incredible size the pain gradually started to subside and her screams were replaced by moans of pleasure. He took this as a signal to start fucking her ass properly, increasing the length of his thrusts, and loved the way the walls of her rear channel gripped his shaft like a tight fitting glove. Now he was reaming her ass hard and fast and Amy's body was shaking with almost continuous orgasms. The barman soon felt his own climax approach and it wasn't long before he flooded her with stream after stream of his hot juices. As he pulled out cum poured out of her first stretched anus and she collapsed onto the table.The barman moved away but many of the men still hadn't finished with the beautiful white woman. There was no point in using her ass, the barman had completely wrecked it for the rest of the night, but there was still two other holes to fill. Several of them moved back up to her face and took it in turns to shove their cocks down her throat, while others moved up behind her and rammed their pricks up her cunt doggy fashion. By now they knew it wasn't **** and she was enjoying taking all their cocks inside her, but it didn't lessen their pleasure as they all loved fucking the magnificent body of this gorgeous white woman.She was turned around onto her back again so the last few men could mount her. By the time the last man entered her only around twenty people were left. They crowded round the rutting couple and started jacking off and as soon as he pulled out of Amy they gave her a cum bath, firing stream after stream of hot white fluid all over her head and body. Her breasts and stomach were completely covered with semen and it was caked on her pretty face and in her hair. She had taken a proper pounding.Amy lay back on the table almost u*********s. It was now nearly 4 AM and since she had parked her car up nearly seven hours ago around seventy-five Pakistani youths and men had fucked her, most on multiple occasions. Initially most of them had thought that they were r****g her but now it was obvious to them how much she actually wanted it. Amy knew the barman was right about the things he whispered to her. They had broken her and she was totally addicted to Pakistani cock. The brown haired beauty knew that in the future she would be returning to their neighbourhood every day so they could give her magnificent body the fucking she craved for.
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