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My first time

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My first timeBeing a country girl, it wasn't an unusual sight, to see some a****ls fucking in fields, our neighbour was a farmer, and he had all sorts of a****ls, cows, a bull, a couple of donkeys, ( saying they would eat anything, and were handy to keep the weeds Down ), my first view of sex was watching the donkeys go at it, don't get me wrong, I had seen a mans cock, but never tried anything, I had also heard my mom and dad fucking, and they made more noise than the donkeys, my mom moaned a lot, and my dad seemed to like calling her really filthy names, but instead of it insulting her, it seemed to excite her more, and to be honest, it excited me too, I had turned 17 about 4 months previous to my first encounter, I didn't expect it to happen, as I never thought anyone was interested in me, I wasn't beautiful, my only good points were my tits, and my strong legs, I classed myself as plump, but my mom always told me I was a healthy well built girl, and there were a lot of girls out there who would like to be muscular like me, it happened on my way home from school, I was let out early, because my teacher had an appointment, I was lucky enough to be able to jump on a bus almost immediately, I got the bus and when it dropped me off at the crossroads, I knew I had to walk about a quarter of a mile to our house, as my dad was at work, and he had the car, it meant there was nobody going to collect me, so off I walked, I knew I would be passing along by the side of Mr McMahon's farm, but never expected to hear what I heard, I was about half way along a huge field when I heard low voices, it was a man and woman, Mr McMahon and his wife I thought, she was a big woman, not too old, I'd say maybe about 45, he was also a big man, about 6" 2', I slowed down as I neared the voices, and I would have sworn it was my moms voice, I inched nearer to them, listening to the voices in over the hedge, I nearly let out a gasp as I heard my mom saying, " fuck Timmy, you have a beautiful big cock ", do you like it Timmy asked, fuck yes my mom replied, do you want it again he asked, how can you cum so much my mom asked, John struggles to spunk me a second time, I heard him giggle and reply, because I'm a fucking horny bastard, you fucking certainly are replied my mom, there was a minute or two of silence, I started thinking they had moved away, but then I heard my mom saying, Oh yes, give it to me you fucking horny bastard, Timmy answered her by saying, take it well up you, You fucking cheating slut, yes I am she said, but you like me cheating don't you, fuck yes he said, I fucking love it, then let me feel you shooting another big load up my cunt she told him, I heard Ohs and Ahs from my my mom, as well as, that's it you fucking bastard, ram it well up me, give me your lovely hot cream, my own mom cheating on my dad I thought, what was I going to do about it, but that thought soon left my head when I heard the next few words, oh yes said my mom, what's making you so fucking horny, he was breathing heavily but still got out the words, You know what's making me horny you filthy fucking slut, tell me you dirty cunt, he repeated what he had said, you fucking know well what's making me horny, tell me she said, spunk up me while your telling me, even though they didn't know I was there, I still went red in the face when I heard him saying, you fucking know I'd love to ram this cock up your daughter, I thought my mom would get upset at this suggestion, but was shocked and surprised when I heard her say, tell me how far you'd ram it up her, all ten inches he said, and would you pull out when your spunking my mom asked, fuck no said Timmy, I'd fucking shoot it well up into her, oh fuck yes said my mom, I'd love to see that, you will see it if you do what I've asked you to do, fuck me harder and tell me what you want me to do, you fucking know already he said, I want you to make her horny enough to take it, but she mightn't like cunt on cunt my mom said, he must have really rammed it up her because she gave a little moan, you didn't like cunt on cunt yourself not so long ago he said, I know that she replied, but I didn't know how lovely it was back then, this meant that not only was my mom cheating on my dad with Timmy, but she was also cheating with another woman, I never in my wildest dreams imagined my mom having sex with another woman, this was getting more ridiculous, but John likes it doesn't he Timmy said, only because he wants to fuck Maureen said my mom, Maureen being Timmy' wife, I heard my mom saying, Harder you fucking horny bastard, I'm going to cum all over your cock, you think it's still safe enough to shoot it up you said Timmy, I don't give a fuck if it's safe or not my mom said, I want to feel it going up me, then there was a few, oh yes's, and fuck me hard, and shoot your lovely spunk up me from my mom, and take it you cheating cunt, feel it going well up you from Timmy, after that there was only the sound of moaning, then a little scream, and then, take it you dirty fucking bitch, then total silence, I don't remember how long I stayed rooted to the spot, but I eventually heard my mom saying, I'd better get home, my daughter should be home soon, she wasn't to know I got off early, and had heard them fucking, but it wasn't over, it appeared they had finished, and we're getting ready to leave, as they started to walk away I heard Timmy say, for fucks sake, will you start working on your daughter, I want to fuck her little tight cunt, I will my mom replied, do it soon I heard him say, I want to fuck both of you together, I couldn't hear any more from them, they seemed to have started moving, in the space of 30 seconds I couldn't hear them at all, I had been standing perfectly still in case I made a noise on the gravel road, and I only decided to move when I heard nothing, and it was only when I started walking that I realised my panties were wet, and my cunt was all sticky, I had played with my clit before, but this was the first time I had got wet without actually touching myself, I walked on down the lane, still thinking about what I'd heard, How long was my mom fucking Mr McMahon, was she really going to let him spunk up her, not caring about the consequences, was it just talk, or did my dad really know about them fucking, but the biggest thing was, my mom wanting Timmy to fuck me, and from the way Timmy said, I want you to make her horny to take it, what had they planned, my brain was working overtime as I reached our gate, how do i face my mom, knowing what I'd heard, but when I entered the house, she wasn't there, but five minutes later she walked in, Hi love she said, how was school, ok I replied, thinking, how could she be so casual, after taking what Timmy had said was ten inches of cock, would you like a sandwich to keep you going until dinner is ready she said, yes please I replied, but I have some catching up to do on my homework, that's ok love she said, you go get out of your uniform, and I'll bring it up to you, I could only say, thanks mom, I climbed the stairs, realising my mom hadn't moved from the bottom of them, was she looking up my skirt I wondered, my school skirt was a bit short, but I had never taken any notice of it until right now, there was no point denying it, by the time I got to my room, my cunt was saturated, I knew panties kept the scent lingering, so first thing I did was take them off and put on fresh ones, I went out to the bathroom and put the wet ones in the laundry basket, I went back into my room and sat down at my desktop computer, which my dad had got second hand just for school work, I couldn't get Facebook or messenger on it, only all stuff about school, as I was waiting for it to load, my mom knocked on my door, she came in with a ham, cheese and onion sandwich, and a glass of milk, the milk wasn't your supermarket milk, Mr McMahon gave us milk from his cooler after he'd milked his cows, real cold creamy milk, not the watered Down stuff you bought in the shop, I took the sandwich and the milk, but gave a good look at my mom, I couldn't help but think that only a while ago, she had a big 10 inch cock up her cunt, and I noticed, she was looking at my legs, and my thighs, because my skirt had rode up them as I sat down, I also remembered Timmy asking her to work on me to take his cock, I could see the print of my mom's nipples in her top, they looked like a baby's little finger, she gave one more glance at my thighs and said, I'll go get the dinner started love, I'll come up for a chat when I have it started, ok mom I said, I'll get on with my homework, my mom left my room, and I heard her going to the bathroom, but what surprised me was, she didn't bother pulling my door out fully, and when she went into the bathroom, I didn't hear that door clicking fully shut either, after a few seconds, I coul plainly hear her piss hitting the water in the bowl of the toilet, the strange thing was, I immediately thought, is there spunk mixed with her piss, unless Timmy had shot it so far up that she couldn't piss it out, I assumed she did discharge spunk with her piss, when the pissing stopped, I heard the muffled sound of, Oh fuck yes, was she rubbing her clit, I knew it was dangerous, but my curiosity got the better of me, I had to investigate, I took off my shoes, ( bare feet make less noise ) and crept out onto the landing, and went quietly towards the bathroom door, the first thing I heard was my mom saying, Oh baby, you taste so sweet, was she talking about the cunt she was having fun with, what I saw in the mirror, told me it wasn't another woman, I saw her with the crotch of my used panties shoved into her mouth, and she was sucking them I knew it wasn't right, but my cunt started to get hot, I felt it getting wet, and I was getting horny watching her, I stayed leaned back a little from the door, just enough to see her transferring the panties from her mouth down to her cunt, she rubbed the crotch in between her own cunt lips, with her own panties down around her ankles, when she leaned back against the water cistern behind her, she couldn't see me, and I could only see her lower belly, legs and cunt, she started rubbing my panties up and Down her cunt, but in the space of three minutes, she had the panties back in her mouth, and was fingering herself, I could only hear the muffled moans as she started to cum, she stretched her legs out, and started shaking, I knew she was close, and didn't dare to wait to actually see her gushing her juice, I beat a hasty retreat back to my room and kept listening, five or six minutes later I heard my mom flushing the toilet, and heard her walking downstairs, I don't know what made me do it, but I had to go see if she had creamed my panties, I again crept out to the bathroom, looked in the basket and got a surprise, not only were my panties in there, but so were my moms, not just thrown in, but the two crotches stuck together with her cum juice, I couldn't stop my own juice from running down my legs my cunt had never been so wet, I was gone beyond caring, so I took out both panties, separated them, and started sucking hers, I had tasted my own juice off my finger, but this was something different, it was beautiful, I knew I needed a cum, it was only now I decided to take off my uniform, I put the two pairs of panties bak in the basket and went bak to my roo, took of my uniform and hung them up, skirt and blouse together, I took off my panties and put on my light PJ bottoms, and a top, leaving my panties on my bed, I was no sooner in my PJ's when I had my hand down inside them, my clit was on fire ever before I started rubbing it, thinking about all the things that had happened, but now my thought had turned to mom, what would her cunt taste like, I wouldn't know what to do anyway, but the thought of tasting the real thing instead of her panties was driving me wild, how was I going to make things happen between us, I knew she wanted it as much as me, but it was the initial starting it that had me thinking, it would have to seem accidental, things would have to fall into place, even though it would seem like an accident, it would have to be carefully planned, while all this planning was going on in my mind, I had an explosive cum, never had I had one like it before, normally I would only taste my own cum with one finger, but this time I got it on three, and sucked it down my throat as if I was dying of thirst, I wanted my mom's cunt, and if I got Timmy's 10 inches in the process, all the better, but my thoughts went wilder as I kept cuming, I started thinking about my dad calling me all those filthy names, so I finished with two lesser cums, and started making my plans, but mom was definitely first, I'll explain next time, but for now, I'm laying here in my PJ's waiting for my mom to come up to tell me dinner is ready, but I know it will be a while yet, because she will wait for dad to come home so all three of us can eat together, my head is spinning thinking about what's going to happen, and the sooner it happens the better, but that's for the next story, I'll start writing it soon, XX
04-06-2021, at 11:11 PM

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