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My Work Fantasy Ch. 06: Sharon 03

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After five years working with 'Miss goody two-shoes', I'd found to my delight that she was anything but. She'd earned the nickname for her always-professional attire and stand-offish ways, but since her marriage had failed she'd opened up and I was the beneficiary of her new-found drive for sexual experimentation.
On our first day as kinky lovers, she'd flashed me, I'd licked her to orgasms twice, fucked her pussy twice, come in her arse, and we'd pissed on each other.
Then we got on and finished setting up for the community event, which was on for Monday and Tuesday.
On Wednesday I put everything away and reset the halls to their normal furnishings.
On the Friday, at about four o'clock, Sharon came looking for me.
"Dave? You haven't set up for tomorrow's luncheon yet?"
"What luncheon? News to me."
"Oh no. I asked Vicky to give you the floor plan yesterday. You didn't get it?"
"Vicky's dad got rushed to hospital yesterday..."
"He did? Oh poor Vix. I hope she's OK. And her dad of course."
"How big's the lunch?"
"Eighty, all seated, with a buffet. Big. But you work Saturdays right? You could do it in the morning?"
"Damn. I'm off tomorrow because I worked last Sunday. I'm gonna have to do it tonight. You got the plan?"
She handed it to me and I swore under my breath. Four hours minimum, all that stuff to move and set up... Sharon apologised but it wasn't her fault.
I got on with it and was making good progress. At about six thirty, when I thought they'd all left, Sharon and her colleague Sue came into the hall and offered to help.
For another hour we got on top of it and Sue offered to go get pizza. I had been ogling Sharon's tight body so I had other ideas.
"Um, no thanks. I think I'll just finish here and get home."
My lovely Sharon took my cue: "Me too. Just a few tablecloths and decorations now, and I've got leftovers thawed for tonight."
Sue said "Oh OK. I might just head home then. See you Monday!"
And off she went.
For a few minutes Sharon teased me. Once she cupped and hefted her breasts provocatively, once she grabbed her crotch, twice she bent over and pulled her skirt up a little showing creamy upper thighs. She looked at me, and I pretended to stalk her around the long head table.
"Nick off Dave. You're all sweaty!"
"Fancy a shower?"
"Like the one the other day?" She was grinning wickedly.
"Maybe. Or a normal one. Or I could just grab you and fuck you silly..."
"I told you last time. You can fuck me but don't call me silly!"
I jumped on the chair on my side, stepped over the table and down via the chair on her side. I grabbed her. She squealed, pretending to try to break away while I tickled her. Her generous breasts jiggled and bounced, and I got behind her, hands on those fabulous boobs, and pulled her backwards onto my imprisoned erection.
She felt it and reached back to grip it firmly.
"Oooh Dave. Looks like you missed me. What do you want to do sport? Just bend me over and go for it?"
"Maybe later. I'm working unpaid trabzon escort overtime and it's your fault."
"No it's not!"
"I say it is. I'm gonna punish you. A good spanking for you young lady!"
I tickled her some more and tickle-wrestled her onto all fours on the ground, then put my thighs under her while she wriggled and giggled. I raised her skirt, and she tried to push it down, still laughing. I lifted it again, held her hand with one of mine, then slapped her hard on her pantied behind.
I slapped again firmly.
"Oh wait Dave. I'm not sure about this..."
"Tell me to stop then." Whack. Whack.
"Oh. No really. I..." Whack.
"But you only had five. You deserve six of the best."
A pause, then: "Make it nine..."
Whack. Whack, Whack, Whack.
Sharon squirmed at each stroke but took it. I could see her thighs reddened from my spanking, so now I soothed her butt by stroking her buttocks, occasionally dipping lower onto her sex and then back to her bum. She lay across me for a minute, then stood up.
"You're a bastard."
"Did you like it?"
"I don't understand myself. It hurt, but when it came to it I wanted it a little more. I'm not exactly turned on, but, well I'm hyper-sensitive now. Tingly."
"OK," I told her. "Tingly is good."
She was standing in front of me, my eyes at the level of her crotch. I raised my arm and ran my hand up her inner leg, all the way up to where her wet panties met her legs.
"You seem to have liked it..."
"Yeah. But I don't know if I want to do it again..."
I stroked her and she began to gyrate on my exploring fingers.
"Take your panties off. I'll lick your pussy."
"Mmm." She did, stepping out of them, and hauled her skirt up above her waist before she hooked one leg over my shoulder. With a little adjustment of my sitting position, I began to lap at her fleshy pussy lips, flicking my tongue occasionally at her clit. I'd already found out she had a hyper-sensitive bud, so I was careful to lick around it and not directly on it. But what really got her juice flowing was putting my tongue inside her and licking along the length of her inner pussy lips. She grabbed a handful of hair and pulled my face hard against her cunny, steadying herself with the other hand on a nearby chair.
"I prefer this punishment to the other one..."
"Talk to me" I commanded.
"Mmm? Oh. Lick it. Lick my pussy. Yeah like that. Ooh. Oh FUCK. That's the spot. Just there. Stop now and I'll kick your arse. Oooh. Lick it. Lick my ppussy. My Ccunt. Lick my... Mmeeuuww, Eeuwnnh! Aaahhh!"
With that she came, her thighs gripping my ears and trembling so deliciously that I wanted to lap up all her juices.
A few shudders later and she was done, my face slick with her cunt juice. She looked down at me and said: "Nice, Dave. Very nice. Finish this setup and I'll take you to my place."
"Oh, to share those leftovers?"
"No, to share fantasies. Hurry up."
We hurried. I had taken the train trabzon escort bayan to work, so after a quick confirmation of completion of the work plan we got into her car and she drove the ten or twelve minutes to her house.
"Sharon, you OK with me coming in? Neighbours and all?"
"It's fine. I don't like any of them anyway. Come on in."
I intended to, but first we got inside the house. She offered me a drink. I accepted a beer.
"No offence, but you worked hard today and you hum. The bathroom's over there."
I smiled. "Jeez woman, say what you really mean!"
"OK, I mean to have wild unbridled sex with you and that's not going to happen while you smell like a gym sock."
"Fair enough, thanks for the clarification. Back in five."
I stripped off in her bathroom, showered and wrapped a towel around myself. I was eager to get back to her and continue our mutual pleasuring. As I rounded the corner to the main room, I saw her in the kitchen fiddling with things. I walked up behind her and put my arms around her waist, pulling her towards me.
"Mmm, that's better. You smell nice. I bet I don't though. I'll just put this on the stove and go shower as well."
Minutes passed as the pot simmered on the stove, then she too came back wrapped in a towel. "Hungry?" She asked.
"A little."
"Well I'm starving. Sit, eat."
We ate, making small talk, and drank a little wine. At the end of the meal, she said: "Dave. You don't wear a wedding ring but you've got a mark on your ring finger where it used to be. Tell me to mind my own business if you want, but what happened?"
"Same as you. Coming a long time, but I only just took the ring off a couple of weeks back. It doesn't seem worth staying branded in a dead relationship. We still live together, for the kids, but they're near leaving age and when they do I'm off to the lawyers."
"I know. How do you feel?"
"Annoyed, but like you a bit relieved. But most of all, I feel horny. Wanna play hide the sausage?"
"You're the last of the romantics! Dave, I do want to make love, but this first time in my bed can we just go missionary, not explore kinks and fantasies?"
"Sure we can. Hell, we can go missionary all the time if that's what works best for you."
"God no. And give up oral, now that I've experienced it for the first time?"
"The first three times, actually."
"Oh, you want me to give you some head?"
"I didn't man that really. Yes, if you want. When you want. Spontaneous is best. But it's getting late and..."
"You have a long trip home. Come to bed first. Then I'll drive you to the station."
"Yes ma'am."
I stood and dropped my towel, she did the same, and I lunged at her as she ran giggling past me, tits bouncing and bum swaying as she went. I caught her just past the bedroom door, flipped her onto her back on the bed, and knelt beside her.
"Sharon, you really are a very beautiful woman. I mean it."
"Thanks. so you wanna hide that sausage?"
She drew her legs apart, giving escort trabzon me the perfect view of her slit and the tunnel within it. I clambered up the bed, and very simply sank down on and in her.
"Ooh, yes. Fuck Dave, I don't think I ever wanted cock so much."
I began thrusting gently, passionately but with no haste. Sharon's hips and thighs rose up to meet my thrusts, and her nipples hardened against my chest. She put her hands behind me and grasped my buttocks, pulling me harder inside her with each forward poke. Our eyes locked. In hers I saw lust and happiness, in mine I hoped she saw the same.
I concentrated my attention on the pleasure I felt along the length of my cock. Sharon was all melted heat in there, wet and pliant, as she slowly rose to her approaching release. I wanted to cum with her, so I tightened my dick muscles to increase the sensitivity of my cockhead, and began fucking her in earnest.
Sharon began to moan and grunt under me, lifting her head off the pillow and beside mine as her back arched. When her head fell back to the pillow I planted my mouth on hers in a lingering kiss that sent tingles between our tongues. I was in heaven, my cock engorged with blood and throbbing inside this beautiful woman.
She must have sensed me rising to the heights because she began milking me with her inner muscles. I'd never experienced this before and it caused a low moan to escape my lips, still planted on hers.
We shared our breaths, pants, grunts into each other's mouth. Then I could stand it no more and suddenly convulsed inside her, lifting myself on my arms and throwing back my head as my ropes of cum jetted deep into her womb.
I was lost in passion and barely aware of anything except the orgasmic sensations welling through my cock. I think I let out a screaming gasp, but it could have been her.
Still in the throes of cumming, my cock still jerking and spurting, I sensed her legs tightening and her thighs trembling, but I could not discern which grunts or moans came from me and which from her. It was a symphony of lust from two beings connected by two organs, acting as one.
The seconds passed and my consciousness returned. I lay down on top of Sharon and stayed inside her, my dick twitching and jerking. Sharon was breathing hard. If I died then I would have died happy and fulfilled.
We lay like zombies, lost in that strange place only lovers know: A place where you are entirely selfish and entirely selfless. You bask in the glory of sex, at the same time alone and connected to your sexual partner.
We stayed like that for many minutes, even when my cock had slipped out. Even when the goo dripped from her. Even when it was getting uncomfortable.
"Yeah babe?"
"Babe!? I like that! Not at work though, right?"
"Course not. What did you want to say?"
"One day soon make an excuse. Find a way to stay the night. We may never have better sex than we just did, but I want to keep trying."
"Me too. But now I got to go."
"Yeah. Put your smelly clothes back on, I'll drive you."
"All the way home?"
"Most of the way."
When she dropped me off at the bus stop where I took the last leg home, my heart felt the pain of our parting as her tail lights faded into the distance. I wanted more of that fabulous woman and I was determined to get it.
12-21-2021, at 09:58 PM

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