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My second visit for BBC at school

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My second visit for BBC at schoolSo, I left you last time with how I'd been blacked for the first time. It was brutal, and it hurt, and I was hooked. This is a true story, loosely embelished to allow for the tract of time. Everything that happened, did the way I say.The next few weeks were fairly uneventful. I'd carried on shopping at school, managing to find bits and pieces unattended. Mainly spare pairs of tights, the odd blouse, and in one case, a pair of worn knickers which I treasured for a very long time; they were cute, plain black with a lace trimaround the waist and legs. I loved slipping into them, wondering who they belonged to. I once got brave enough to put them on under my trousers and wander around in my lunch break and no one knew my secret. Well, apart from two people; my best friend Mark, who'd seen them up close and personal, and Mr Naik, who was about to see them for himself.I knew he had security access to my locker as my tutor. So I took to brazenly leaving things in my locker. A skirt, a pair of tights. A freshly worn pair of dirty knickers that I'd blown a teenage angst ridden load of cum into... then, bingo; they disappeared one day. I was almost sad. I knew instantly where they'd gone. I gave him a knowing look in form time after I'd discovered them missing. he simply stared back at me.Two days later, they were back. Clean; freshly laundered, and there was something else. Something that had eluded me was a pair of girly shoes. In the mid 1990s, platform shoes were everywhere, and I was hard 99% of the time looking at the girls around me wearing 3 inch heels with their uniforms. And now, was a pair of my own. Not new, obviously worn; and a note inside that simply said "for later" with a brand new balled up pair of black opaque tights; the same as the pair given to me by my tutor before he'd ****d me over a table. I knew what was coming, and I couldn't wait. As if on cue, those words errupted forth "ANDREWS! YOU CONTINUE TO IRRITATE ME! TONIGHT, 30 MINUTES!" this is enough to make anyone sink into their chairs defeated. Except I could barely contain my excitement; I knew what was coming, and it was staring back at me; I swear he almost flashed a smile at me when we made eye contact.Again the day dragged. The last lesson hurt the most. Sitting in a history lesson opposite Claire Turner who I wanted to give the same treatment I had received weeks earlier so roughly. She wore the shortest izmir escort skirt in the entire year. Not a tall girl, but played netball and was well toned and muscular. I never learned a thing in that lesson as we sat directly opposite each other on opposite sides of the room. I'd always slouch to one side, affording me perfect views of her shapely legs as she sat with them crossed sticking out from under the desk. Her skirt rode up and didn't cover anything. She was one of the most popular girls in our year, and she knew it. I was fucking horny, and gagging for it the same way I hoped she was. Final bell went, and I almost raced out to my detention. My friend remarked that I almost seemed keen to get to it. I was, but the reason I said was, not to get there, but to get it over with I lied though my teeth. I simply wanted to get those shoes on and get that black pole in my mouth again.I walked into my form room. Closed the door behind me, and began to strip off as I walked to my locker in the corner. I opened the door, pulled out my skirt, tights, knickers, a white fitted blouse and the most precious; those shoes. I had my back to the door, tights and blouse on as I was fumbling with my skirt when the door opened and closed again. I didn't even turn round and look; I knew who it was. "you're brave!" He said. "How did you know it wasn't someone else?" I turned round as I fastened my skirt at the waist saying matter of fact "who else would it be; unless you'd invited someone else?" His mouth hung open slightly as if to think 'you cheeky slut!'"Hurry up and put your shoes on you fucking skank. I want to cum inside you at least three times tonight" I was bent over trying to slip into my new heels, and didn't notice him taking his trousers off. I got both feet in and steadied myself, getting used to the sensation of being in heels for the first time when I looked up, and saw him walking over to me, his 9" cock sticking straight out at me. He grabbed me by the hair and put me on my knees where I stood. I stared up at him, and meekly said "thank you for my shoes, sir. And thank you for returning my knickers too" He stared down at me, grabbing his cock and wiping it over my face, and said "dirty little cum slut. Surprised you wasted your own. Look at you, on your knees. Fucking slag" His words made my cock twitch inside my knickers. I reached up, grabbed his cock by the base and greedily stuffed it into my mouth. I izmir escort bayan slowly began licking the shaft, sucking on his fat bulging helmet, trying to put to use things I'd read in the letters section of the first copy of an adult magazine I'd ever seen. He groaned softly before he pulled me up and walked me over to his desk, his hand on my arse under my skirt. I walked a little unsteady at first but gained in confidence in a few steps. He sat me down in his chair, leaned against his desk in front of me, and I got to work sucking him hungrily. He didn't last more than three minutes of verbally abusing me about how I was a cock loving little whore; how I dressed like a skank so the boys would look at me. How I was a prick tease and I was getting what I deserved before I gripped the base of his cock, squeezing it tight making it swell to the point I could barely take it, as it erupted jet after jet of thick, salty spunk down my throat. I pulled it back, making sure I could taste it, before pulling it out, letting his thick cream dribble down my chin. I looked at him coyly. "I want to watch you **** Claire Turner over that table. The way you ****d me two weeks ago" As the words left my mouth, I knew I was in trouble. He stood bolt upright, grabbed my hair and dragged me to the same table. Threw me over it face down without a word. He was angry, I could tell. Without a word, he yanked my skirt up, grabbed one leg, put it on the table, grabbed the crotch of my nylons and ripped them open without effort. One hand pinned my hands behind his back. The other hand, I knew what was coming. The familiar cold feeling. No fingers this time. Just his rock hard baby maker. Knickers yanked aside, one had over my mouth, dread filling my veins, the it happened. Pressing his weight down on me, one massive thrust. 9" into my bowels. I screamed into his hand, repeatedly, I thrashed, I struggled, but I wasn't going anywhere. He didn't move. He lay impaled in me. I calmed down as the sensation of being torn in half subsided. He took his hand away, sinking his lips into my neck as he slowly ground his balls against my arse. I whimpered and moaned softly in a mix of pleasure in pain. He softly growled into my ear "You have good taste, whose knickers do you think you're wearing you little bitch"I let out a deep grunt as he bottomed out in me before I could feel his spasming as he fired another load into me. I lay there panting. escort izmir Before I knew it, these words left my mouth "I know you took these off her. I want to watch. I want to wear her tights" He pulled me up by the hair, his fat cock sliding out of me making me shiver, spun me round and pushed me onto my knees and he pulled off the cum filled condom before stuffing his dick into my mouth "suck it you little bitch. Taste her? Does she taste nice? She struggled the same way you did the first time. Now she fucking loves it the same way you do. Little fucking bitches all of you. You love my fat cock don't you?" I nodded my head as I looked up at him, one hand wrapped round his dick as I sucked for all my worth. It wasn't long before he was fucking my mouth, gagging me and making me choke "Give me your fucking cum. I'll eat it out of her cunt for you" the words left my mouth before I'd even thought of them. That was too much for him. He pulled me up, ripped my blouse open and splattered another gargantuan load over my chest and face. It ran down off my cheeks and dripped over my nipples. I looked at him in shock. "I made her go to a lesson after doing that" he sneered. I couldn't be any more turned on. The thought that I'd been right next to her at one point, wearing her underwear, knowing she was covered in his cum was too much. I slipped my rock hard cock out the side of my knickers, through the hole in my ruined tights, and made myself cum all over my nylon legs and shoes within a minute."Get cleaned up bitch, then fuck off" he said. I went over to my locker to start changing out of my ruined clothes "I didn't say get changed. Sort your tights out and get out. NOW!" he barked. My face looked at him in horror. "I can't! I can't go out there like this! Someone will see me!" He strode over to me, his trousers half fastened. Bundling up my uniform and shoving it into my arms "there's no one in this part of school. Change downstairs. Now fuck off" I grabbed a spare pair of tights, and sat on the edge of the desk, changing them slowly as he stroked his hardening cock "I told you to leave! You don't want to be round me when you're teasing like this" I garbbed my things and got to the door as quick as I could. My head was swimming. The stairs were 100ft away at the other end of the corridor. I slowly, and as silently as I could in heels on a tiled floor walked to them, hoping, no, praying no one would be around to see me. I dashed into the nearest toilet, locked the door and cried as all the emotions came out at once. I'd just been fucked repeatedly like a whore, and was finally completely dressed how I should be. I didn't want it to end.
11-25-2021, at 12:31 AM

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