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The Intern. Ch.04.

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The Intern. Ch.04.The Intern. Ch.04.When I pulled into the drive and stopped the car Yvonne immediately got out and stood waiting for me next to the car. I was in no rush so took my time in following her. I walked slowly round to her side and looked her up and down. She looked back at me uncertainly. The sun was starting to get low on the horizon and it painted the world in warm hues of red and orange. ?Strip,? I ordered her. She stared at me open-mouthed. She was beginning to annoy me with her hesitations and I stepped forward and slapped her on the cheek. It wasn?t hard at all and hardly left a mark, but she seemed shocked and took a step back, her eyes wide.?Strip,? I repeated and this time she started to obey. I held out my hand and took each item from her as it came off. First her blouse and then her bra and then she hesitated once again. I tapped my foot on the gravel impatiently and made half a step forward. She understood that immediately and unfastened her skirt and dropped it to the ground. Awkwardly she bent down and picked it up and handed it to me. I then led the way into the house.She came to a halt on the threshold. We were both surprised by the sounds coming from within. The low, busy drone of a vacuum cleaner could be heard in a room to the right. I told Yvonne to close the front door before calling out.?Is that you Mrs M??The cleaner fell silent and a voice came back, ?no, Ma?am, its Rose. You?re back early.??We finished early,? I replied, ?is your mother not here???No, Ma?am she?s had to take our Digger to the vet. He cut his paw. She?ll be here any min ?? and there was a sudden squeak as she came around the corner and saw Yvonne behind me. ?Sorry, ma?am, I didn?t know you had company.??This is Yvonne, my new assistant,? I explained to the confused girl. Rose was pretty in a rustic way. If I had to find a polite way of putting it, I?d say she was well-built in a farmer?s wife-to-be sort of way. She was a pretty girl who didn?t really know the best way to display herself although today she did look quite sweet. She had on one of those white peasant blouses paired with a full skirt in a wildflower print. The blouse could do with tugging down two or three inches at the top to show off her homely figure. Her hair was a little unkempt but then it always seemed to be, and her face was round and rosy-cheeked, so she was well named. All in all, she looked like she belonged in a farmhouse kitchen, up to her elbows in flour, busily making apple pies and lemon-drizzle cakes. I imagined her happy in her role.My reveries were disturbed by the front door suddenly opening, almost throwing Yvonne off her feet. A short, dumpy woman, an older version of Rose, came charging in.?Rose have you ?? she started to say and then stopped as she took in the scene. ?I?m sorry Ms P. I wasn?t expecting you back this early.??Its ok Mrs.M, I?m sure Rose has done a good job without you. This is Yvonne, by the way, my new assistant,? I told her.?Pleased to meet you, Miss,? she replied, not at all put out by her nakedness. Mrs.M had been cleaning for me for years and I had no doubt over that time that she had got to know a few of my foibles. Coming in and finding a naked girl in the hallway would come as no surprise to her. Yvonne, on the other hand, was mortified and did not know where to look. I felt slightly mean but I was enjoying her embarrassment. It was Mrs.M who eased the situation.?I?ll leave you to it then and go check that Rose has done a good job,? she announced, and strode off grabbing Rose?s wrist as she went, ?come on, girl.??Well, that was a surprise. They?re usually gone by the time I get home. Let?s go upstairs and get you semi-decent while we have company,? I said and headed for the stairs. Yvonne eagerly followed me, anxious to be hidden from view. The bedroom had been tidied with the clothes flung onto the floor last night now taken away, presumably into the wash. The new outfits that I had left on display on the bed had vanished. I looked in the wardrobe and found the tops and the other skirt hanging up. I opened a couple of drawers until I found the one containing the lingerie sets. I thought for a moment and then decided to choose a pretty girly pink set. It was more frilly than the others but just as see-through. It was, after all, a shop deliberately set up to sell such tantalising clothes. I held them out to Yvonne.?Put these on,? I told her, and sat on the bed and watched while she did so. She was in need of a shave down there I noticed as she finally pulled up the thong with a sigh of relief. It?s important to keep up standards I thought to myself. It was something to deal with later.I think she was hoping we were headed for the kitchen but instead I led her to the sitting room. Through the half-open door, I heard voices. I heard Mrs.M speaking sternly to Rose.?She can do what she likes in her own house,? she was saying, ?ain?t no business of ours. Just be polite to her.?The voices stopped as I walked in followed by a very reluctant Yvonne. I went to the chaise-longue and sat down while Yvonne loitered just inside the door. I turned to Mrs.M.?Sorry if I gave you a shock when you came in,? I said, ?we went shopping for underwear yesterday and I was anxious to try out a new set. What do you think??I gestured to Yvonne to come and stand in the middle of the room and my expression offered her no choice but to do so. ?She looks quite lovely, Ms.P,? she replied.?And what do you think, Rose???She looks very pretty, Ma?am,? Rose said in a voice that trembled with uncertainty.?It?s a new shop in the mall,? I explained to Mrs.M, ?we should take Rose there one day. She?d look amazing in a set like that.??Oh, Ms.P there?s no need ???Nonsense, it?ll be fun. I bet she hasn?t got anything like that at home, have you Rose??I was enjoying making the poor girl squirm and she blushed deeply and muttered something that was probably a ?no?. I clapped my hands together to regain Yvonne?s attention and then made a circular motion in the air. I think, deep down, she was beginning to enjoy being on display and she turned slowly showing us all sides of herself to us. Mother and daughter stood silent and transfixed. Finally, Mrs.M broke the spell.?Was there trouble in the office, Ms.P?? she asked.?Trouble???I just noticed that a part of her was pinker than might be normal.??Ahh, her bottom. Yes, she got into trouble. It was more careless than naughty, but it needed sorting nonetheless. She managed to spill coffee all over a client.??Then I understand completely.??It was Ms.Evans. Her father has just died. You may know her, I think she?s on the Parish Council.??Oh, I know her,? she said with an ominous note of doom in her voice, ?she can be a hard-nosed madam at times.??She insisted on giving out the punishment personally and the contract was worth too much to refuse her.??I understand entirely. She?s a hard woman to say ?no? to.??Now, if you and Rose have finished for the day, I really need to get this slut upstairs and fuck her.?Rose giggled and then blushed but Mrs.M understood immediately and looked daggers at Rose and nodded her head at the door. When they had gone, and I?d heard the front door close I stood up. I took Yvonne?s hand and led her out of the room.?Come on, little sex-doll, its strappie time,? I told her as we climbed the stairs. In the bedroom I sat on the end of the bed and told her to give me a show as she stripped. She was shy at first but then seemed to get into it and yet another new talent showed itself. The girl could dance. It was a pity we had no music and I determined to get her to do it again for me with all the trimmings. She whirled and twirled and gyrated in front of me and her bra came off with a teasing slowness. She played with her own nipples, tweaking and rolling them until they stood out hard and proud. She never took her eyes off mine and wore an expression of serious seduction and a hint of a pout on her lips. When it came to her tiny panties, she turned her back on me but still managed to hold my gaze. She bent over lewdly as she slipped them over her still-reddened bottom and allowed herself to be displayed to me. She stayed bent over as they slithered to the floor and started playing with her ass, pulling her cheeks apart and showing me her puckered anus. I swear she made it wink at me. When she finally stood up straight and turned to face me, she struck a provocative pose and smiled. I couldn?t help but give her a short round of applause. ?That was wonderful, my dear,? I told her with genuine affection. ?Tell me, how is your poor bottom???Still a little sore, Miss, but I?ll live.??Show me.?She dutifully turned her back once more and bent over. It was red but not as bad as it had been earlier. I stood up and walked across to where she was, almost folded in half and touching her toes. I stroked her battered cheeks gently. I could still feel the remains of the heat from her spanking. I remember how wet she had been after her assailant had left and, just for fun, gave her two hard spanks, one on each cheek.She yelped loudly and then, ?Miss!?, she almost shouted at me out of shock.?We both know you enjoy it,? I teased her, running a hand between her thighs. As I had expected her juices were already flowing freely but then I froze.?Stand up straight,? I said angrily, and she did so with a look of alarm.I ran the back of my hand across her mons and the stubble scratched at me. I ran two fingers on either side of her labia with the same result.?What the fuck is this?? I demanded, pinching her clit between thumb and forefinger, lifting her onto her tiptoes.All she could do in response was a yelp followed by a gasp of pain. I released her clit and smacked her pussy as hard as I could several times?You dare present yourself to me in this state???I?m sorry, Miss,? was her pitiful response.?Get in the bathroom. NOW!? I ordered.With her head bowed she slunk into the bathroom. I let her stew in her shame for a few moments before following her. I told her to sit on the open toilet and spread herself wide while I went to the cabinet and found some shaving foam and a new razor. I told her to sit still or else and she gripped the sides of the toilet seat, a look of fear on her face. Leaving her to suffer for a while I went back into the bedroom and grabbed a pillow from the bed. Damned if I was going to suffer.I went back to the bathroom and dropped the pillow on the floor in front of her and knelt. I sprayed a generous amount of foam on her mons and between her legs and then picked up the razor.?If you move, you?ll be the one who?ll be sorry. Understand??She nodded and gripped the seat even tighter as I started to draw the sharp blade across her delicate skin. I took my time, relishing the fine rasping sound the razor made and wanting her to experience every moment to the full. I wiped away the surplus foam with a towel, snowy white and flecked with tiny fragments of dark stubble, and then repeated the whole thing until I was satisfied. I filled a bowl with warm water and poured it over her mons letting it trickle between her legs and splash into the bowl beneath her. I passed her the towel.?Dry yourself, slut and then come back to the bedroom,? I told her, and turned my back on her and walked out. By the time she emerged I had calmed down and was back in my previous good mood. My anger was only a pretence and I had secretly enjoyed shaving her.?Over there and bend over the bed,? I ordered her. She almost ran to the bed and bent over it, legs straight and splayed wide and her head lowered to the covers. She was as eager as I was. I stripped off my skirt and blouse, leaving me only in my bra and panties. I pulled my strap-on from the toy drawer and took my time putting it on. I wanted her to wait but I also needed the time to appreciate the target of my affections. My two handprints stood out a slightly deeper red than the general pink of her ass. I announced my presence behind her by landing another couple of smacks that took her by surprise. ?Ow, fuck,? she yelped.?Perhaps in future you?ll remember to present yourself in a decent manner.?I slipped my hand between her thighs and caressed her pussy lips. She had not been put off by my show of anger and had already started to leak down her legs and two of my fingers slid easily into her. She pushed back against my hand, eager to be filled. I toyed with her for a while sliding slowly in and out, occasionally coming out and stroking her ass making sure it was nicely covered with her juices. I was determined to have all of her. I could sense her eagerness and frustration building, but I was in no hurry. I was having fun keeping her waiting. Eventually I took pity on her and slipped my fingers out and moved closer, letting the dildo slide along her pussy. She trembled as its size became apparent.I swayed back and then presented the tip at her entrance. I felt her brace beneath me. Slowly I pushed into her. She was wonderfully tight but still accepting. I kept pushing in until she had taken all off it and I was far deeper than my fingers could go. At a leisurely pace I began to fuck her. Each time I pushed in she eagerly moved back to meet me. I refused to speed up but was determined to make her wait.?Did you like Rose?? I asked her nonchalantly.When she didn?t respond I gave her a loud smack on her bottom.?I asked you a question, slut. Did you like Rose?? I repeated.?Mmmph, yes Miss,? she managed to reply.?Shall we take her shopping one day?? I asked.?Oh, fuck,? as I pushed almost violently into her, ?yes, Miss.??Would you like to fuck her, slut???Oh, Miss, I need to cum.??Not yet,? I ordered and spanked her again, ?answer my question.??Sorry, Miss,? she muttered almost in tears, ?If you told me too I would, Miss.??Maybe I should fuck her,? I suggested, ?While you watched. That would be fun wouldn?t it?? As I spoke, I pushed a finger into her ass and she tensed. I knew she was desperately trying to hold in her climax. With a final thrust I pushed both the dildo and my finger as deep as they would go.?Cum for me, slut,? I yelled at her.She screamed and almost leapt off the floor as she came up on tiptoe. She went rigid and I held her onto me with my spare arm around her. I stayed still for what seemed like an eternity until she slowly started to soften and relax. I let my finger slide out of her ass as I lowered her onto the bed. With infinite slowness I pulled out the dildo and stepped back. Her ass still gaped slightly and seemed to pulse as it returned to normal. The insides of her thighs were shining with her juices. I slipped the strap-on down my legs and stepped out of it. I went to her and kissed her on both ass cheeks and then sat on the bed beside her. I stroked her back and then her hair and small shivers went through her.?You Ok, my love,? I asked quietly.She made no sound, but I noted the smallest nod of her head. She turned toward the sound of my voice and looked at me through a veil of her hair. Her smile was weak but full of satisfaction. I smiled back at her. I was surprised at my own feelings. I felt happy in believing that in some small way that orgasm had made up for the spanking that dreadful Evans woman had given her. Possibly even repaid some of the indignities I had forced upon her even though, I was sure, she had enjoyed each and every one.To be continued ?
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