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GILF Anna's Oral Servant

Post #1

GILF Anna's Oral Servant(Story from, home of thousands of very hot and free sex stories, this from user Milfleglover, check out many more there)"I don't know, Deb, sounds...well, sorta sleazy, you know?" Anna said uncertainly."You k**ding me?" Deb laughed as the two friends sat in Anna's living room having a drink one late summer afternoon. "It's the best! No strings attached and the k**...well, he's magic, honey."Both gals were in their early 60s, both still active sexually, Deb more so than Anna. Deb was divorced, a beautiful, diminutive blonde with sparkling blue eyes and sinewy, lean body. Anna was married, seemingly forever, in a sexless marriage that left her wanting. She was tall, 5-9, and willowy at 130 pounds, with short silvery hair, big brown eyes and an athletic, lean body, with all the usual sags and wrinkles of a woman her age, but in a very sexy, elegant way. She had a long, creamy neck that was wrinkled but in a most alluring way, with long, silky flows of sexy flesh that men seemed attracted to even as she hated it.Juan was Deb's latest conquest, a smooth-skinned college boy of 20, Puerto Rican, muscular and apparently a magician with women in bed, so said Deb. He was particularly blessed with great oral skills, she said, able to make her orgasm over and over by just using his mouth, tongue, lips and fingers. She was trying to convince her friend to have a go with him, just for his oral skills. Anna was wary, never having cheated on her husband but admitting he was lax in many areas of sexuality, particularly oral.He didn't like her hairy pussy, for one thing, and long ago had stopped eating his wife when they had sex, preferring more routine and too short encounters."It's not cheating, it's like Bill Clinton getting a blow job in office and saying he didn't have sexual relations," Deb laughed. "Honey, the k** is incredible, and I've got him wrapped around my finger, he'll do whatever, and whoever I want him to. I told him about you, he's seen you and he's eager to you know, be your oral slave!""Oh, Deb, stop," Anna blushed, unable to chase the thoughts of that young stud locked between her thighs servicing her neglected pussy. "I mean really...what...what""He comes over and eats you out as much as you'd like," Deb said bluntly. "And that's it. You don't have to do anything but enjoy it. He's got a huge cock, though, so if you wanted, you could have that, too, but if not, just lay there and enjoy it. Or sit on his face, like I do! It's heavenly, Anna, to be in control of a man like that, sitting on his face, smothering him, taking his mouth deep inside you. Honestly, I've NEVER had oral like this and I've had lots of oral!""But....when could we..." Anna said haltingly."Right now," Deb said brightly, reaching for her phone. "The k** will come over right now, I just have to ask him. C'mon, Anna, Bill's working, he never comes home before 8 at night, so , just spend an hour or so riding Juan's tongue, it'll make you a changed woman!""But I...I just got out of work, I need to shower, freshen up..." she said."Not really," Deb laughed. "Juan likes...well, he likes it musky if you know what I mean. The k** goes nuts when I have him come over just after I get out of work, or back from the gym, he really goes to town on me then, something about the smell turning him on, he's incredible when I'm a little less than totally clean. And I don't mean nasty, know, the usual aroma after a day at work or working out. C'mon, Anna, give it a try, you NEED this, Bill's such a dud in bed, you always tell me, this is your chance, cut loose, have a little no-strings fun!"Anna gulped the last of her wine and looked at the smiling Deb."OK," she sighed. "Let's do this. Can't hurt, right, and God knows I could use a little....""Cunt licking!" Deb giggled."You're so bad," Anna smiled."Juan? are you darling?" Deb said seconds later into her cell phone. "Yes, I do need you, but another time perhaps. Now I have a friend who needs you more, who hasn't had what you can do with that mouth of yours in some time, years in fact...who? Mrs. Wilson, remember her, you met once when we were together. Yes, that's her, beautiful, yes, very beautiful, and that lovely silky silver hair...her neck, you remember her neck? Yes, it is a gorgeous neck, how kind of you to say so...well, she needs you, now in fact, your particular skill set. Do be a dear and come. When? Now, of course...well, darling, yes, I insist...of course, you will obey me, you always do...."She gave the address then hung up and stood, smiling at Anna."Don't move, don't do a thing, just wait," she said, looking down at her friend who sat in a short, summery dress of beige linen, sleeveless and with a slightly dipping neckline, and hemline that revealed her tanned, fairly muscular legs. "He'll come in and do the rest...""Honestly, Deb, I don't know...." Anna said."Shhhhhh," Deb laughed. "Just enjoy....and you will, darling. Call me later and let me know how it went. If you can, Juan's tongue leaves me SO drained!"She waltzed out and Anna waited, eager but unsure. In minutes, she heard a car pull into the drive and then footsteps on the walk and then the door open. Around the corner walked the dark-skinned stud, in tight jeans and t-shirt looking so young and virile, dark eyes flashing, white teeth cutting the gathering dark."Juan, nice to see you again," Anna said, starting to stand up from the couch."No, please, Mrs. Wilson, just sit, relax," he said calmly as he walked to her and she noticed the thick bulge in his jeans. "Let me do all the work, you just enjoy..."He stood behind her as she sat, massaging her slender, bare shoulders, his long, strong fingers digging into the tired muscles making her relax at once and her pussy tingle the instant he touched her. She moaned involuntarily and tilted her head back, feeling those fingers around her neck, gently massaging the muscles and that wrinkled flesh she hated and he was paying so much attention to. He leaned in, whispering into her ear as he worked his hands."Your neck is absolutely gorgeous, Mrs. Wilson, so smooth, so creamy, so sexy," he hissed, licking Anna's earlobe, then tickling the inside with his tongue and then gently kissing the side of her neck where she felt his hot tongue stab the soft, wrinkled flesh. "Delicious..."She moaned more loudly, felt her pussy get wet, her thighs falling apart, skirt riding up as Juan suckled and feasted on the folds of her sexy neck, licking around the sides to the front, his very long tongue exploring every inch as he rubbed her shoulders and upper arms, massaging the soft, supple flesh of her 63-year-old biceps."Oh, Juan," Anna moaned, eyes closed as he slavishly suckled her sexy neck meat over and over, his long fingers brushing the tops of her heaving breasts. "So good...."He smiled, licked her neck some more and then gently broke his kisses to come before her kneeling at her feet. He lifted one in his strong hands and brought it to his face, slipping off her work shoe. She balked, fearing the smell, and he noticed, smiling, bringing it closer to him and gently pecking the sole with his lips, then heel and then running his long, hot tongue up the length of the bottom, making her shiver. He sucked the heel, mouthing it, running his tongue over it, then up to gently suck each long, bony toe into his mouth, making her body explode with sexual electricity."My GOD, Juan!" she hissed, watching him work, his eyes on hers as he gently fellated each toe. " one has ever....oh my GOD!""Then it's about time, Mrs. Wilson, your feet are as gorgeous as the rest of you and every inch deserves to be orally explored....every...single...inch..." he growled, slowly, wetly, sucking her long toes, his dark eyes tilted up to look at her dreamy face.She sat back as he devoted a full 10 minutes to orally worshipping her tired, needy feet, his long, strong fingers cupping her tanned calves and kneading the sinewy muscle there, every rub sending shock waves up her slightly wrinkled thighs into her pussy, which she felt get wetter by the second. He suckled her toes long and deep, then moved his long tongue back to her insteps, soles and heels, massaging her calves and feet all the while."You have gorgeous legs, Mrs. Wilson, so shapely, so tanned, smooth, muscular...really, you have even better legs than your friend!" he smiled, slowly working his way up her calves, kissing the insides of them gently as he rested her ankles on his shoulders." very kind of you....Juan..." she smiled dreamily, caught up in the moment, unable to stop now even if she wanted to, which she didn't.Juan breathed warmly on her calves, sucking the salty, wrinkled flesh, of them, then ran his tongue up the bones of her shin, tickling the slight veins running over them to her muscular calves, flipping the tip of it rapidly on her flesh, making her jump with delight. Then he tongued his way up to her bony knees, spreading her legs slightly causing her skirt to ride up to her hips. Anna moaned more loudly still as Juan used his big, strong hands to massage her quads and hamstrings, not caring that as he did, it forced the soft, supple flesh into a patchwork of tanned wrinkles, which he slowly kissed and tongued, devouring every fleshy inch of her thighs, sending those electric jolts soaring into her crotch."Oh, my God, Juan, it's been so's been...forever since a man...a man kissed and licked my thighs!" she hissed, running her fingers through is dark hair as he moved his head back and forth lavishing her tawny thighs with his talented tongue, getting ever closer to her white panties with a curly protrusion of hair sticking out the sides. "My husband...never....""I know, that's why I'm here, Mrs. Wilson, just relax, enjoy the attention!" he laughed softly, resuming the suckle fest on the GILF's tender, fleshy thigh meat. "There are so many erogenous spots on a woman's thighs...the tops, the quad muscles that I'm sucking on now...mmmmm...and the outside, where your muscles have this lovely, deep, satiny furrow there, Mrs. Wilson, most pronounced and quite sexy!"He licked the furrow deeply and wetly and she felt her pussy get juicier still. He held that leg up a bit and let the flesh of her lower thigh hang and jiggle, moaning as he watched it and then buried his face into the soft meat, tonguing it and suckling in mouthfuls of her salty thigh."So sensitive, this part of your thigh, isn't it Mrs. Wilson!" he hissed. "Do you like it, me suckling the flesh like this? You have gorgeous thighs, pretty woman, so soft and creamy and such lovely, tasty freckles!""God Juan...." Anna moaned, eyes closed, feeling his magic mouth move from one meaty thigh to the other, her pussy warm and wet, the aroma of her juices wafting out of her soaked panties to his face as it got closer, and he returned to her inside thighs, nibbling the meaty, wrinkled flesh of them."You smell like heaven, Mrs. Wilson!" he said enthusiastically. "I'm...I'm not that clean..." she said uncertainly but not caring anymore. "I'm ...sorry...""Shhhh, shhhh," he said, and then put his nose just upon her wet crotch, inhaling deeply and loudly. "My GOD, you smell like heaven!"She nearly came from the vibration of his nose alone, and again as he gently licked the outside of her panty, wetting the hairs there, sucking them into his mouth."I...don't shave Juan, I just...." Anna said, looking down through heavy lidded eyes to his dark hair between her freckled thighs that he held in his strong hands and placed on his shoulders."Lovely," he moaned. "just lovely...there is nothing sexier than an older woman's pussy, Mrs. Wilson, nothing!""Oh Juan!" she cried out as he used one finger to pull aside her panty and her full bush, wet and musky, exploded into view and he buried his face in it. "MY GOD JUAN!!!"He laughed in the smother of her hot, moist pussy, smelling her sexy older woman scent and gently lapping the meaty lips, sucking them into his mouth, before slowly, gently running his incredibly long tongue into the musky depths of her pussy hole, which hadn't seen anything besides a vibrator in many, many months. He hummed slightly, the vibration coursing throughout her pussy, and ground his nose into her engorged clit, slowly tongue fucking her faster and faster, rubbing her clit harder as he did."Cum in my mouth, Mrs. Wilson, don't be afraid, let it go, that's why I'm here!" he moaned into the hairy mulch of her pussy, tongue fucking her harder, rubbing her clit all the more as she tangled her fingers in his hair, forcing her pussy into his face, unwittingly, naturally, feeling his cheeks on the insides of her thighs that folded around his face. "Wrap your thighs around me, Mrs. Wilson, hold me tightly in them, use my face for your pleasure!!!""SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT!!!! JUANNNNN!!!" Anna screamed, clamping her muscular GILF thighs around his head, locking her ankles and squeezing his face deep into her heaving cunt as she came like she'd never cum before, snapping her slender hips, smashing her clit into him over and over, feeling her pussy jet out a load of woman cream she didn't know she had as his stabbing tongue ate up every sweet drop.She came long and hard, for a full minute, crushing him into her, her thighs surprisingly strong and clutching, her hands pulling at his head, moving it around, grinding into his nose and tongue and lips and mouth until she finally went slack, exhausted, her tawny thighs falling open, ankles loosely locked, and she felt and heard his panting breath on her dripping pussy."I'm sorry Juan!" she said with concern, tilting his smiling, soaking wet face up. "Did I squeeze you too hard?""Never, pretty lady, your thighs can stay wrapped around my head as long as you'd like," he laughed. "You came very well, Mrs. Wilson, very, very well..."Gently, he kissed her sweat and cum soaked inner thighs, licking up her fluids as she twirled her fingers in his hair, looking down at him and wondering what else he had in store. She didn't have long to wait, as he gave her a moment to recover and then, looking into her eyes, extended his superb tongue out to gently lick and lap at the clit peeking out of her hairy, wet pussy."Oh my GOD, Juan, I can't tell you the last time anyone has done that to me!" she cried out, spreading her thighs obscenely wide, the pussy lips smacking wetly as they opened lewdly and he continued to run his non-stop tongue tip over her hungry clit. "Fuck, you're gonna make me cum again!!!"She did, quickly and wetly, feeling her pussy juices squirt out of her long-neglected pussy, splashing his laughing face as he gobbled up every drop she offered him. She groaned and thrashed and finally settled down, to look at his handsome, dark face, flashing teeth in the dark, his long tongue licking gently at the insides of her sweaty thighs."Has anyone done this before to you Mrs. Wilson," he said throatily, lifting her thighs up and open and slowly, deliciously running his tongue down her hairy crack and settling it into the tiny, wet pucker of her asshole, slowly extending it until he buried it fully in her rectal ring."OH MY GOD!!!!" Anna screamed, holding her legs under her knees, eyes closed in orgasmic splendor as he reamed her butt with his tongue and inserted his long, Latino nose into the gripping wet pussy hole, fucking her with it. "NO, NEVER, NO ONE HAS EVER...EATEN MY ASSHOLE!!! EAT IT, JUAN, EAT MRS. WILSON'S NASTY ASSHOLE!!!"He laughed and did, fucking her with it, deeply and wetly, ramming his nose into her cunt, and bringing his long, delightful fingers up around his face to diddle her clit until her entire being was electrified, throbbing against him. She couldn't believe the words spilling out of her mouth as her hips thrashed and she neared another mind-blowing orgasm."Eat that asshole, Juan, eat Mrs. Wilson's dirty asshole!!" she shrieked, holding his head in her bony hands and pounding her asshole and cunt with his tongue and nose as he fingered her thick, juicy clit. "That's it, boy, ram that tongue up my hairy asshole and nose fuck my cunt! HARDER JUAN HARDER!!!!"She came again, the third time in less than 15 minutes, three more times than she'd come with her husband in the last 15 years, and she bathed his face again with her womanly flow, soaking his nose that was buried to the hilt in her clenching cunt, his tongue milked deeper and deeper inside her muscular asshole ring and again she clamped her thighs around his ears, locking tighter than before and feeling her entire crotch explode with an unrelenting orgasm, soaking the young stud's face. She looked down and screamed, watching her own muscular GILF thighs bulge around his trapped head and then erupt into an undulating cascade of quivering thigh flesh as she rode out an orgasm that lasted a full two minutes, finally dying down and leaving her completely exhausted, her supple, fleshy thighs relaxed around his smiling face. He pulled out of her legs to look up at her, kissing her beautiful thighs, licking up her sweat and cum that was streaking them." GOD, Juan, I never...I mean really, I never thought..." she panted as he laughed and stood, his huge cock outlined in his tight pants. "Do you...need help...with that?""No, not today, Mrs. Wilson," he said, bending to frame her wrinkled face in his strong hands and kiss her deeply, she tasting her funk and flavor on him, smelling her sexy musky aroma. "I don't think you're ready for that yet, and besides, I think just lavishing you with oral attention whenever you want, is all you need right now..."He walked away, smiling, backing up as she sat, legs apart, pussy gaping and dripping, a sated smile on her pretty, wrinkled face."Call me anytime, Mrs. Wilson," he said, blowing her a kiss. "I will always be here for you...and your oral needs!"He was gone, and it took Anna 15 minutes to recover enough to reach for her phone and call Deb...
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