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This One Time.... At Band Camp

Post #1

It all started many months ago. It was late July. This was my second year of helping the local marching band at high school. I had graduated two years before and was in the band so I jumped at the first chance I got to help. I walked in the first day students came to camp and went straight to teaching. I was helping the brass instruments so I never really got to see anyone else. Then after the camp had gotten into full swing, I proceeded to start work on my second part of my job. The field crew. I drove a truck for them and was getting everything ready to go. That was the first time I saw her. She was about 5 foot 6 and couldn?t have weighed more than a hundred pounds. Long hair and beautiful. I had never seen her in band before so I knew she must have been new. She was a color guard member. I was working on props one day and we exchanged a hello and nothing more. I knew I had to find out more about her

Then came one day I was back in my usual spot and they came inside from practice. She was sweating and wiped her face off and walked over to me. My cock was throbbing. By this time we had been talking a little bit, but she had a boyfriend, so I hadn?t tried anything yet. We talked for several minutes before she ran back outside to practice. I watched her tight little ass jump as she ran out the door. I was thinking about how I wanted to fuck her. Since no one had keys to the storage room but me I quickly ran to it and locked the door and masturbated into an intense raging orgasm. I knew then I had to have her.
The next day I got up and was sitting at home texting her. I had to go to practice soon so we agreed to meet up at practice early to talk. I saw her walk in the door and immediantly my cock stood up at attention. She ran up to me and gave me a hug. She was just starting to develop well and to where it was noticeable so her tits squeezed into my body and I was raging with a hard on trying not to let her feel it. When she left, she hugged me again and I ran back to my room and masturbated again. This got to be a habit for a week or so.

Time went on and we kept talking then one day, after a competition, my phone went off. We had been texting and talking for quite some time so I knew it was her. The message told me her and her boyfriend had broken up. I knew it was time for me to step in. We talked for some time that night when I finally got the courage up to ask her what she thought about me. She told me that she had always thought I was very attractive but never acted on those feelings because she was so young. Still we talked and finally I said hey age isn?t anything to me and lets date. She agreed and I was so happy.
About a week later, I walked into the room again for a practice and she ran up and hugged me. Being she was still a student, we had to keep everything very secretive or I could lose my job. She agreed to meet me after practice in the storage room. After practice, like clockwork for the next two weeks she would meet me and we would kiss and say our goodbyes then I would jerk off before leaving. I couldn?t stop thinking about her and knew it was time to fuck her. The next morning I texted her and said ?I have a surprise for you tonight.? She begged me to tell her what it was but I never did. We met at school and I sat in the storage room thinking of how I was going to do this, suddenly there was a knock on the door. Knowing that it was her I jumped up and opened the door. There she was, standing in all her beauty. My cock immediantly grew to its full extent.

She locked the door behind her and we walked over to our usual spot to sit and talk. She kept asking what the surprise was but I wouldn?t tell. I gently kissed her on her lips, and we kept going on at this for several minutes until finally I pulled away and said ?are you ready for your surprise?? she jumped up and said ?yes?. What is it?. Tell me. ? I said ?you will know soon enough, now close your eyes.? She closed her eyes and I unzipped my blue jeans and exposed my cock. I said ?give me your hand.? She quickly gave me her hand and I formed it to mine. I placed her hand on my cock and she quickly jerked away. ?What the Hell??? She quickly said. ?Baby this is normal. This is what you do for me if you love me? I said. ?But?. Im so young? and your?. 7 years older than me. We cant do this. Its illegal? she said. I was 19 and she was 12. I quickly said ?baby as long as no one finds out its not illegal. Its our little secret, just like our relationship?. She said ?well? ok? and I said ?good. Now take off your pants. I want to watch you undress?

By this time my cock was so hard and precum was oozing out. I was wanting to fuck her so bad. When she undressed I came. I blew my nutsack all over the carpet. She said ?wow, you must really want me.? I quickly said ?you have no idea.? She got undressed and I laid her down on the carpet floor. I began to lick her pussy. It was already wet and sparkling with her pre teen precum. I knew that she was a virgin so I promised to be gentle. I began licking her pussy and rubbing my fingers on her clit. I found her clit with my tounge and began to nibble on it. She let out several squeals of extasy and then I felt her back arch and she got really stiff. I knew she had cum. She kept laying on the floor and I rolled over and said ?Now its your turn.? She looked really confused and said ?but I don?t think im ready for that.? I said ?well we will do whatever you think is right.? She then jumped to her feet and said ?you did it to me, and it felt good, so its my turn to make my man feel good.? She began stroking my cock with her hand, and she bent down, and placed her mouth just an inch from the tip of my cock. ?Go ahead honey? I said. ?Its not going to hurt you.? She quickly took my cock in her mouth, and gave me a blowjob. I came within just a few minutes and she swallowed every last bit of my cum and licked my cock clean. I then looked at her and kissed her passionately, she let me get my tongue in this time and she was sucking my tongue. I looked at her and said ?do you want more?? She quickly nodded her head saying yes and I rolled over on top of her. I moved my cock up and down her slit and it was still dripping wet. I slid the tip of my cock in, then stopped ?now when I put it in, it may hurt. If it does, lay still and don?t move. Ill make it better.? She nodded in agreement and I slid the first inch in. She groaned with pleasure. I slid the second inch in, this time I felt her hyman and it stopped me from getting both inches in. I forced my way in. She screamed in pain, thrashing around. ?Baby stop moving? I yelled. ?It hurts? she exclaimed. She then gave in and stopped moving. We laid there for several minutes before I went any further. I got the third inch in and she was moaning with pain and pleasure. ?you ready for all 7 inches? I asked? ?Yes? yes? please fuck me.? She begged. I slid my 4th inch in, then 5th, then with one ram, the final 2 inches went in. I pulled out so slowly. Blood was all over my cock and was forming outside her pussy now too. I pushed back in, and kept working it in, long slow strokes to my full 7 inches in and back out. She was arching her back screaming in exctasy. I started going faster and faster until I was ramming it in and out, my ballsack hitting her slit and asshole repetedly. In just a few minutes she yelled ?IM CUMMING!!! OH GOD DON?T STOP!!!!? I pulled in and out and pushed in until her tight hole grabbed my cock in a death hold and wouldn?t let go. I knew she had came. I then kept working it in and out for several minutes. We were both screaming in pleasure and she was biting my ear and finally I said ?its time to cum, where do you want it?? ?My mouth? she screamed. I said ? you have to beg me for it, say please!? ?Please fuck me in my mouth and cum in my mouth? she yelled. I then pulled out and she opened her mouth in a perfect O. I started fucking her mouth, holding the back of her head. I felt my cum rising up my shaft and I pulled her head in and she took all 7 inches. I yelled in pleasure as I shot several strings of hot sticky cum into her mouth. She swallowed it all and licked my cock clean. ?oh God that was great? She yelled in excitement. ?Yeah, and I love you so much? I said. ?I love you too? she replied.

We kept doing this for several days. The days turned into months, the months turned into years. She is now 18, I am 24. She will be gradutating High School in june and I have helped the and all the way with her, fucking her on the side. This July we are to be married and it all started with a little hello.
09-11-2021, at 08:39 PM

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